Falling for the Girl Next Door

falling-for-the-girl-next-door-tera-lynn-childsBook Title: Falling for the Girl Next Door (Creative HeArts, #5; Sloane and Tru, #2)

Author: Tera Lynn Childs

Published by Entangled Teen

Release Day: November 14, 2016

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Sloane Whitaker never expected to like living in Texas, but after a few months in the Lone Star State, she has to admit she likes the food, the school, and the boy next door. What she doesn’t like is the fact that half her family is still back in New York. Convincing her dad to relocate to Texas requires making their upcoming visit as perfect as possible. The perfect dinner, the perfect daughter…with the perfect boyfriend.

But when her not-so-perfect boyfriend Tru Dorsey is suddenly not-so-available, Sloane has to find another dad-impressing guy to show off at dinner. Tru himself suggests enlisting the help of a fake boyfriend, but the reality of another guy with Sloane on his arm might be more than Tru can manage. Add in a mysterious blackmailer and a divided family, and Sloane and Tru’s relationship might not be able to handle the heat.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a bad boy next door, the good girl who snags his heart, and one especially disastrous ruse-gone-wrong. Join the fun at your own risk.



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My Review
 I picked this up on a whim due to needing a little romance in my reading. I am so glad I did. The way the creative heArts series works is each book is centered around a couple at an art school in Austin, Texas. Each couple will have multiple books written about them but they are released chronologically instead of each couple’s books being released one after the other. (A, B, C, D, A, B, C, D, ect) This is the 5th book in the creative heArts storyline, but it is Tru and Sloane’s second. I decided to read both of their books together and skip the others for now. But I enjoyed these two so much I WILL be going back for the rest. This was teen romantic comedy had me laugh, sighing with happiness, and swooning. I was weary of the setting, since I live in Austin myself, but for the most part the author’s descriptions were on point. We aren’t as big as NYC but we are bigger than most cities. We are highly populated with artistic attractions. And as someone who also wasn’t over the moon about her own move to Austin I can definitely relate to Sloane’s attitude.
The plot for this part of Sloane’s journey is that Sloane is trying to make Christmas perfect for her father and brother so she can convince them to move to Austin. And simultaneously her boyfriend, Tru, is trying to get psychological help for drinking. Nothing can go right for Sloane as she tries to prove that she is happy in Texas while also hiding her bad boy.
Pros: The relationship between Sloane and Tru, and Sloane and her brother were both so loving and kind. Sloane and Tru are both romantic and best friends. They are quippy with each other and good at putting the other one before their needs. Any of their scenes together always made my heart full. Sloane and her brother are hilarious. I loved the way Sloane took care of her brother and really listened to what he had to say. Positive sibling relationships always make me happy.
Cons:  I felt like maybe there was a little much happening at once. It felt like a certain idea was brought to the table and instead of fully fleshing it out, this concept was just left. But it only happened once, so it wasn’t a huge deal.
Overall I was extremely satisfied with this book and gave it 4/5 stars.
About the Author:

Tera Lynn Childs is the RITA-award-winning young adult author of the mythology-based Oh. My. Gods. series, the Forgive My Fins mermaid romance series, the kick-butt monster-hunting Sweet Venom trilogy, and the Darkly Fae series. She also writes the City Chicks sweet chick lit romance series and is co-writing the Hero Agenda series with Tracy Deebs. Tera lives nowhere in particular and spends her time writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages.

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The Excerpts:

“Deciding that I could use a breath of fresh air, I cross to the window and slide it open.This window has become my favorite spot in the entire house. Possibly in all of Austin. So many good memories have happened here. I’ve lost count of how many times Tru has shown up on my roof to tap on the glass, always really late and sometimes even in the dead of night. Always with a smile that makes me want to sink into him. As I fill my lungs with crisp, damp night air, a glint of light flashes in my peripheral vision. I squint in the direction of the flash. I hold my breath, staring into the puddle of darkness that is our backyard and the Dorseys’ next door. As soon as I see the glint again, I know it’s Tru. It’s light catching on —metal, maybe, or glass—coming from the gazebo that’s in the back corner of their yard. One of Tru’s favorite haunts. We’ve made a few good memories there, too. Smiling, I push away from the window, grab a hoodie on my way past my desk, and head downstairs. Mom called it an early night, so I tiptoe through the front hall and out the front door, closing it behind me in whisper silence. Unlike Tru, I am not athletic enough to hop over the fence that separates our yard. I would probably impale myself on a picket. I walk around the house and unlatch the gate into the Dorsey yard. My sneakers crunch on the dried twigs and brown grass of the winter lawn. Other than the sound of my footsteps, the neighborhood is silent. Tru looks at me when I step up onto the platform. He is sprawled across one of the bench seats that line the gazebo, arms stretched wide across the railing behind him. He has that hooded, sleepy look in his eyes that makes him look like a soap opera star who just rolled out of bed. Of course he almost always looks like he just rolled out of bed—slightly rumpled, utterly relaxed, and ready to snuggle back in. He pats the bench seat, inviting me to snuggle back in with him. I cross my arms over my chest. “You didn’t come to my window,” I say, not quite an accusation but more than a statement of fact. I’ve become so used to his nocturnal visits that it feels wrong when he doesn’t show up. “I did,” he replies with that dreamy smile. “You seemed busy.” There is a flicker of something in his smile. Doubt, maybe. Or hurt. I can’t entirely tell. As much as I feel like I’m finally starting to know the real Tru, I can tell that there’s a part of him that he holds back. There’s still a piece of him I can’t quite figure out. And I’m not even sure if I need to. Maybe the mystery is part of the appeal. “I was working on the poster for Senior Seminar,” I say, crossing to the bench. He gives me a smug look that says, See? “But that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to be interrupted.”



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2 thoughts on “Falling for the Girl Next Door

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Ooh, this sounds so intriguing! I hadn’t heard of it before and that’s an interesting way the series is written! 😱 And Sloane and Tru sound really amazing and fun together!! I’m glad you enjoyed this one and it was a win for you.😊

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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