Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my review policy and see how I do things.

Why I have a Review Policy

I started this blog in November of 2016 in to order to join the conversations people were having about books. I’ve always read vigorously and analyzed my books until there was nothing left but crumbs. That being said, I’m still more of a blogger than a reviewer. My reviews are based on my opinions, how I feel about the book, and my reactions to the book. However they are also very honest. I’m going to tell people everything I can about the book and what I thought. All synopsis’ will come from goodreads, amazon, jacket cover, ect.

What I currently read and what I’ll accept

  • YA
    • Fantasy
    • Mystery/Thriller
    • Mental Illness Contemporary
    • Manga
    • Graphic Novels
  • Adult Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Mystery/Thriller

How this thing will work

I will read your book within the time limit, usually 1-3 months depending on my schedule. If you need your book read for a certain date then let me know and we can work it out.


After reading the book I’ll post an honest review here on my blog, goodreads, amazon, and anywhere else you’d like for me too. I’ll write at least 2 paragraphs

My Review Scale

green-star-cutout-19976-031/5 I did not enjoy this book at all or I DNF (Sadly this does happen, but I always try my best.)
green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-032/5  It was probably in the wrong reading space mentally for this book, but I recognize that other’s will find it redeemable in a few places.
green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-033/5 It was alright. But just alright I am over excited about this book BUT I’m not hating it either. This book probably didn’t evoke emotion from me.
green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-034/5 This was pretty good but there are one or two flaws that must be mentioned.
green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-03green-star-cutout-19976-035/5 This is one of my new favorite books. I will shout it from the rooftops.
Post about what effects my reviews Here

How to get in touch

All business inquires please send to sydneysshelves@gmail.com

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