Holiday Gift Giving Guide

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is about gifts to give your book loving friends. I tried to come up with things that weren’t specific books but were catered for the book lover in general. This is because unless its your best friend, you don’t always know what is on their shelf. Even my mom, who in my case IS my best friend, had to ask me if I already owned certain books. And so I thought to myself, “What are some general things people could get me, where all they would have to know is that I like book, or maybe my favorite book?” Here are my conclusions. In no particular order…

10. A book themed candle from Liber deStella or HoshizoraCandles or Novelly Yours Sadly the melting library is taking a short break. But these other two etsy shops are still booming. They sell candles themed toward favorite books. If all you know is a book your friend loves then you can search for the candle that goes with said book. Like if they love Fantastic Beasts then buy them the Pickett candle from Liber deStella. I’ve been dying for a few book themes candles to place on my book shelves.

9. Another great item for those who like to decorate their books is FunkoPops from Hott Topic. I’m pretty sure everyone has seen these things in bookstagram photos or behind their favorite youtuber. I actually a Little Mermaid Dorbz, which is similar to the FunkoPop and also available at Hott Topic. All you need to know for this is a character your friend adores. And there is such a wide variety to choose from that it won’t be hard to track one down that you will bring a smile to your loved ones.

8. For your feminine friends there is fandom jewelry available. AHH. My best friend Carroll has a time turner, and every time she wears it, I spin it and we pretend we’re going back in time. Dorky? Yes but I love us. I haven’t been able to find a specific shop for this one unfortunately. But searching book inspired Jewelry on Etsy always brings up plenty of choices.

7. I cheated on this one. If you know your friend’s favorite classic they might enjoy one of Barnes and Nobles’s Collectible Editions available Here. They are so beautiful and a great addition to any book shelf. They also don’t cost an arm and a leg. They have children’s and adult classics. Each one unique, with a cover to die for.

6. Pretty Much anything from Evie Seo. There are mugs, art prints and t-shirts. All of her stuff is beautiful, original, and based off the books we all love. You could pick almost anything from this site and I would totally happy it was now mine.

5. Another great item would be the soap or lip balm from Behind the Pages. Like the candles they are book/character themed. But the soap is goats milk and easy on your hands. The lip balm smells delicious. If your friend is really into their book boyfriend, they will have to have something from this shop.

4. Looking for an awesome bookmark? Look no further than Read and Wonder. These book marks are lovely. There is something for almost everyone. They are bright and whimsical. I adore them.

3. A bookish Mug either from Evie Seo or LittleBookLove. If your friend loves Tea or Coffee with their reading then why not gift them with a bookish mug. Besides making their pictures better you know that coffee out of a bookish mug makes your reading experience more special. It’s just true.

2.  Something that I would really love as a gift is a book box from Crate Joy. There are so many bookish options and I want to try them all. The most well known are Owl Crate and Book of the Month Club. But I just love the idea of picking a genre that you love and then a book of goodies arriving on your doorstep once a month.Your friend will jump up and down with delight if you gift them with this.

  1. If you absolutely must get them books, then might I suggest making it cute. Give them a card with the inside reading: “You are now gifted with one bookish afternoon with a friend. There will be coffee, laughter, and book buying up to X dollars.”  By doing it this way the present isn’t simply a giftcard but an entire event for you and your friend. You will also be there with your friend when they pick out their books. That way next year you will know their favorites and feel more confident buying one of these other items.

Well I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Let me know down below if any of these items sound cool to you. I will chat with you guys later!

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14 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Giving Guide

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    Awesome list. I love everything on it!
    I didn’t know there were so many sweet Funko Pops! They are adorbs!
    And the time turner: I’ve wanted one for forever, but I don’t know who to buy from bc someone told me that some are cheesy knock off versions from countries that mass produce them cheaply. So I have been hesitant bc I want a good one but don’t have a ton of cash.
    Showed this post to my mom to give her some ideas! 😉


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