Top Ten Things that make me want to INSTANTLY pick up a book

Hello my bookish friends. Today is Tuesday and you know what that means? Another Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Today’s topic is things that make you want to instantly pick up a book. I went through my TBR and thought about why I wanted to read these books and came up with the following.

1. Kingdom Fantasies

I know they aren’t everyone’s favorite. Many people are sick of the princess stories. I can’t help it. I’m attracted to stories with warring kingdoms and the princess puts her life on the line for her country. Maybe I wish I was a princess with awesome fighting skills. I don’t know. But I love it.


2. Books marketed as funny

There is something about reading a good funny book that just brightens my day. Having a little chuckle as one character goes on a sarcastic rant makes my heart smile. If the book makes me laugh out loud then it gets full props.


3. Mental Illness related books

I just watched a video that Emma Books did on youtube talking about the mental illness books coming out in 2017. I added like half of them to TBR. If I’m not feeling a contemporary and you tell me, “Yeah but the main character has anxiety.” I’m like, “NEED IT NOW!” It’s true. This is one of the areas of YA literature where I truly find myself. It’s so relatable.


4. Body Positivity

Its rare that I come across a book with an overweight character. Especially one that has confidence in herself and doesn’t trash talk the way she looks the entire time. I’m so tired of hearing “I’m so plain. I’m skinny and average.” Nothing against skinny girls. But don’t endlessly talking about how average you are yet all the male characters be talking about your beauty is annoying AF. Stop! Just Stop! So when you tell me this book has a chubby character in it I’m down to read it.


5. Magical Abilities

Whether they are paranormal abilities, the character is a witch, or they are super powers I will want to read it. I love reading about people with powers and how they use them. I think this was how I first got into the paranormal genre as a teen. I don’t know, but I just love the idea that your whole life you’ve had this ability and now you have to be the hero. I think it’s cool.


6. Necromancy or Mediumship

I don’t know what it is that makes these books so fascinating to me. But I gobble them down. Characters who can raise the dead, talk to the dead, find the dead. Its all so interesting to me. I don’t believe any of it’s real. So the idea of talking to someone who died intrigues me.


7. Psychic Abilites

This goes along with mediumship. But I love character’s who can read minds, alter minds, and talk to other people with their minds. The concept as a whole is kind of scary if you think about it in real terms. It’s kind of abusive. But in a fictional setting it totally makes me want to read the book immediately. I love stories where this is incorporated.

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8. Female Friendship is inficised

I’m always down for a great female friendship. We see so much girl hate in YA that when I see two female best friends and their friendship is a driving point in the story it makes me so excited. I hope to see more of this in upcoming YA.


9. Dragons

I mean, is there anything more exciting than a book with dragons? If it’s well written, NO. Fantasies with Dragons are the best. I want to fly on one. Thank you How to Train Your Dragon. And I mean, wouldn’t they just make the best pet? Okay, now I sound like Hagrid. But seriously! Dragons are so cool.


10. Abuse

This one is weird. I’ve never actually been abused. But the first mental health books I ever read was about abuse. And since then I’ve found them enlightening and important. I tend to pick up 1-3 books about this topic every year. I think it also has to do with my love for depressing stuff. No I’m not emo. But I like books on this topic.


Well this has been ten things that make me want to immediately pick up a book. Comment down below and let me know what one thing is that makes YOU want to immediately pick up a book. Hope you’re having a lovely day!

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20 thoughts on “Top Ten Things that make me want to INSTANTLY pick up a book

  1. the (book) supplier says:

    I love your list. I saw a thread on Twitter by Becky Albertalli about her new book and characters who are overweight. It might be worth taking a look at if you get a chance. I thought it was very interesting. I have a variation of emphasis on female friendship on my list as well. Happy reading!

    eli @ the (book) supplier
    My TTT

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  2. Greg Hill says:

    I like kingdom fantasies, definitely, and dragons! Yes please! I love all the mental health awareness books coming out too, that’s a trend I hope continues with positive representation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. pucksandpaperbacks says:

    I really love reading mental health books because I’m learning about mental illnesses. I love reading because I always learn about something new! As for MCs with body types, you should read The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli. It’s an #ownvoices and she does a great job writing a romance about two characters with underrepresented body types falling in love. As well as anxiety and lgbtqia+.


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