My Favorite Musicals

Spring is definitely here and in full bloom. Of course here in Texas Spring arrived in like February. Thank you pollen and cedar for the difficulty you cause my life. Its not like I needed to breathe. Anyways… I wanted to do another favorites and spring makes me think of musicals. I’m not 100% sure why this is.  Maybe because so many schools do “Spring Musicals” or maybe because anytime it rains I start singing, “Singing in the Rain”. Probably the latter of the two. And while I’ve never seen or listening to Hamilton, there are other musicals that have been markers of my life.  If you go through life singing along and wishing you could dance then let’s get started with some musicals I love.

10. Roger’s and Hammerstein’s Cinderella


If you were born in the early 90’s or late 80’s you might remember when Disney decided to make a movie version of the popularized Broadway musical. Brandy played Cinderella and Whitney Houston played the fairy godmother. There are a few other big name actors and actresses in it as well. Though most of them have faded to the background in Hollywood. I personally adored this movie. Every time I watched it I would sit in a chair and sing as Brandy began “In My Own Little Corner.”

Favorite Songs

In My Own Little Corner


Stepsister’s Lament

9. Singing In The Rain

Singing in the Rain1

I don’t remember the first time I watched this or who with. Probably a chorus class. I do remember trying to swing around lamp posts to recreate that iconic scene. (P.S. It’s NOT as easy as it looks. ) Overall this movie reminds me that in life rain will happen. You can hide away or you can dance and sing in it.

Favorite Songs

Singin’ in the Rain

Good Mornin’

You are My Lucky Star

8. The Producers


My brother was part of a performance of The Producers in college. Not a main part mind you. But it gave me a chance to see the musical. We all know I like anything that can make me laugh. Well the producers succeeded. And how could it not with Mel Brooks writing both the original script and accompanying music and lyrics.

Favorite Songs

Keep It Gay

Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night

I Wanna Be A Producer

7. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog


This was on Netflix at one time and my brother’s introduced it to me. Neil Patrick Harris is both funny and a terrific singer. Having Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day play the other two main rolls only solidifies it as one of my favorites. It’s about a guy who writes a blog and is trying to get into an alliance of super villains called the Evil League of Evil.  However Dr. Horrible keeps getting derailed by the town’s super hero Captain Hammer. When not suited up Dr. Horrible finds ways to run into his crush from the laundromat Penny. This musical is hilarious and I highly recommend it.

Favorite Songs

Brand New Day

My Freeze Ray

My Eyes

6. The Sound of Music


This had to make the list. It’s classic. I grew up watching this almost every Saturday. I was obsessed. Those Von Trapp children stole my heart. I find it funny that my favorite song changes as a I grow older. But I still belt it out whenever I’m watching. Julie Andrews is perfection!

Favorite Songs



So Long, Farewell

5. Annie


The original Broadway version of Annie opened in 1977. Since then there have been three, yes THREE, movie versions. I, however, will only watch the one from 1982 with Aileen Quinn as Annie. This is for three reasons. a) I grew up with this version. It’s special to me as I would watch it repetitively as a child.  Drove her nuts. b) It stars Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, and Tim Curry!! How freakin’ magical! c) In this version alone they replace the Broadway song “N.Y.C.” with their own song “Let’s Go To The Movies”. Basically this version is the best and you shouldn’t bother with the rest. Though, my mom took me to see it at the Fox in Atlanta when I was twelve and I won’t complain.

Favorite Songs

Let’s Go To The Movies

Little Girls


4. Young Frankenstein


Another Mel Brooks production, I saw this in my twenties at a smaller theater for my brother’s birthday. Another musical built on it’s humor, albeit slightly crude humor. During “Please Don’t Touch Me” I had my brother on one side of me with his eyes bugged out. And my father on the other side looking horrified. Made it that much better. Since I personally love the original movie I knew I’d enjoy the show.

Favorite Songs

He Vas My Boyfriend

Together Again

Roll in the Hay

3. Hairspray


This came out my senior year of high school. I was obsessed with it. Like I learned the dance from “You Can’t Stop The Beat” and would do it while I was folding clothes at my retail job. My coworkers started calling me Tracy. I kind of looked at Tracy too which made it more weird. I would go around belting out my favorite songs with this goofy grin on my face. I love this story and the message that it gives. Go for your dreams. YOU are worth it!

Favorite Songs

I Can Hear the Bells

I Know Where I’ve Been

Without Love

You Can’t Stop the Beat

Good Morning Baltimore

3. Rent


The movie for this play came out my sophmore year of high school. Both me and both of my brothers were immediately obsessed. I’m pretty sure that Bryant and I both have a copy, plus he has a copy of the last performance on Broadway of the original cast. I loved that 75% of the movie cast WAS from the original cast.  My junior or senior year a boyfriend of mine took me to see it at the Fox which was pretty cool. I’ve seen many renditions of “Seasons of Love” which all warm my heart but nothing beats the feeling I got the very first time I watched the movie in theaters and saw that stage slowly light up. I get chills just thinking about it. When my brother’s and I get together we will break out into one of the songs, each of us singing a different part. It’s the magical sibling moment that I love experiencing every time.

Favorite Songs

Life Support

La Vie Bohème

Finale B

Tango Maureen

Goodbye Love

1. Wicked


Ok guys, this was my Hamilton. This musical aired in 2003. I remember buying the soundtrack and just shattering from how much I loved these songs. I remained enamored all through high school. Especially when my chorus sang “Popular.” In college I dressed up as Elphaba, green paint and all, on two different occasions. It wasn’t until 2012 that I was able to see this musical live at the Fox Theater with my mother. This is my Hamilton friends. I’ve never been so obsessed with a musical as with Wicked. And I’m not even that much into The Wizard of Oz story. There is a movie version slated to come out in 2010 and I’m pretty much dying because of the wait.

Favorite Songs

For Good

Defying Gravity

What is this feeling?

As Long As Your Mine

Dancing Through Life

Well I hope you weren’t bored to tears reading about my favorite musicals. If you are a musical person maybe you found one to check out. If you’re already a fan of any of these then talk to me about it in the comments. I hope you all are having a gloriously wicked day!

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Musicals

  1. whatalovelybook says:

    My friends and I were obsessed with RENT for years. I got to see it live (off broadway) with the original Mark and Roger which was one of the best experiences of my life! I also saw Wicked live (off broadway) and was so blown away by it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bibliopathictendencies says:

    My biggest hobby beyond reading (might even be more than reading!) is theatre. So I love seeing a fellow theatre fan on a book blog! Wicked is one of my all-time favorites too. I’ve seen it a few times. I’ve heard rumors about a movie version… and if it happens, I just hope it does the show justice!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Krysta says:

    You have so many great choices here! The Sound of Music is one my favorites, too. I would also add The Scarlet Pimpernel, Les Mis, and A Tale of Two Cities!


  4. mphadventuregirl says:

    I am a massive fan of musicals. I grew with the likes of Sound of Music and Annie.

    Then in middle school, Wicked entered my life when my mom took me to New York alone to see it on Broadway and seeing that show on Broadway was special and despite not having vivid memories now, the impact clearly shows. Elphaba became such an important part of my life and of all musical characters, she is my favorite and I relate so much to her. Wicked was the show where I started to understand the emotional side of musicals.

    Enter the college years: musicals sure changed a lot. All the musicals I grew up with were happy. Les Mis is the most meaningful musical of my college years and Rent is meaningful as well. I realized tragic musicals exist and I realized heartbreak is a musical emotion.

    Boy, it is so hard to describe my musical journey. My love for musicals more clearly shows on my blog

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mphadventuregirl says:

    Movies of Annie and Sound of Music in elementary school and I enjoyed musicals.

    Wicked entered my life in middle school and I saw that show on Broadway. Wicked sparked my love for musicals. Through Wicked, I began to understand the more emotional side of musicals. I discovered musicals are a world of spectacle/dance, positive and negative emotions and those emotions are excitement, love, joy, and sad. And that vision includes comedy. I also believed all musicals were happy because that was all I had known.

    Enter 2012. Les Mis would enter my life and it would turn my love of musicals into a passion. Rent is also a meaningful musical of the more recent years and its journey began the same year as Les Mis. If you want to see my love of musicals even further, come visit my blog.


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