Five Things Friday 8/11/17

Hey friends. Happy Friday to you! I hope you guys have had a peaceful and productive week. My week has been alright. My husband left last Friday night for our hometown so he could attend his sister’s wedding. I had to stay home because someone needed to take care of the cats. I’ve really missed him but he will be home Sunday. This has been a good reading week for me. Not so good for my other hobbies. They have been sadly neglected. But I will try harder and do better! So let’s do this!

1. Favorite book I read


Listened to this on audio. It was intense. But so very good. It’s very descriptive so if EDs or Suicide is trigger for you then I do NOT suggest you pick this up. Otherwise, if you love a good tough stuff story then please do give this a chance.

2. When I wasn’t reading I was

I watched a lot of youtube this week. Oh and Parks and Rec. P&R is one of my go to shows when I need a cheer up. This show never fails to make me bust out laughing. It makes me smile and just feel that warm feeling you get that feels like home? Yeah that’s Parks and Rec for me. I also did some crochet and I colored a whole page in my Secret Garden coloring book.



3. Pics of the week

The picture of Harry (my cat) was for International Cat Day. The selfie is from a Monday when I just felt really confident and happy. And of course my husband showed me the Pokémon thing. 😛

4. Five things that made me happy this week

– I ran twitter sprints for the readathon I’m partaking in called Read-A-Thin. Its a great way to chat with people and a great way to bump up my reading for the week.

– I interviewed for another job on Tuesday and I think it went well. I should hear back from them today!

– I started burning a few of my bookish candles while I read and oh em gee it has heightened my reading experience. I’ve started burning my Mirabella candle from Wick Worms and my Summer Solstice Candle from A Court of Candles.

– Ice cream. Ice cream is my cure all when I’m sad. lol. But recently I’ve been come addicted to this custard place around the road called Andy’s. I get something called a Snow Monster. Which is Vanilla Custard, strawberries, and chocolate chips. I get them to add banana. OH MY GOODNESS it’s so good!.

– I did some shopping. I babysat last Saturday and made lots of mulla. I thought I deserved a treat so I went to goodwill and bought some more shorts that were work appropriate, a star wars shirt, and a pair of jeans that actually fit. Then I got on Etsy and ordered from two of my favorite shops. For the Dreamers Designs and Wickworms (who now has a full website.) I can’t wait for my goodies to come in!


5. Looking Ahead

I’m looking forward to my husband coming home obviously. Also to working more. I’m not quitting my current job, I’m just adding another similar job. So basically I’ll have more hours. More money and less time sitting around. Heck Yes. Speaking of I’m looking forward to September because my first job goes back to 4 days a week instead of 2. And those extra two days were the days I teach Music. Which I LOVE. Singing with Toddlers is very entertaining and cathartic for me because I just love to sing. So it’ll be nice to go back to that schedule.



I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of Five Things Friday. Comment down below and let me know some things that made you happy this week and /or something you’re looking forward to. I hope you have a bookish weekend! TTFN.

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4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday 8/11/17

  1. kozbisa says:

    I miss Parks and Rec. That show was awesome. Good luck with the interview, I hope you get the position you want. And I agree, ice cream is a wonderful thing (though I cannot remember the last time I had some. June?)


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