Graphic Novels 1


Will I See?

by David Alexander Robertson | illustrated by GMB Chomichuk

Haunting graphic about contemporary hardships for indigenous women. I loved the cat character and May’s relationship with her grandmother. It was nice to see a positive family relationship represented. My issues can be boiled down to one main thing. If I hadn’t read the synopsis I would have had no idea they were indigenous. Yes they used a different language, but I didn’t know which one. They art doesn’t exactly lend it self to showing their culture. The art is more focused on darkness and light. There were pages where you really have to see everything in the picture and know the synopsis to know what’s happening. It’s kind of confusing in that way. But overall I did like it. And I would recommend it if you are into commentaries on other cultures.


ReMade Episode 1: “Shadows and Dreams”

by Matthew Cody, Andrea Phillips, E.C. Myers, Carrie Harris, Gwenda Bond, and Kiersten White

An excellent start to a new series. From the beginning we are curious and intrigued to keep reading further. This particular episode was written by Matthew Cody. I’ve never really been into science fiction or apocalypse type books. But I did enjoy this graphic novel. The science fiction elements are interesting concepts to grapple with but not overly complicated. The main part of this episode was about Holden and is inner struggle with Seyah. While interesting, I wanted them to get to the running for their lives part of the story. The episode runs off adrenaline rushes and asking questions with no real answers yet. Where are they? Why are they there? What has happened? Who are these creatures? This read was pretty enjoyable and I would be interested in reading other episodes.


ReMade Episode 9: “Whiteout”

by Matthew Cody, Andrea Phillips, E.C. Myers, Carrie Harris, Gwenda Bond, and Kiersten White

I read part 1.9 of ReMade before I read part 1.9. I can firmly say that you don’t need the rest to be caught up in this thrilling story. I was turning pages as fast as my eyes could read. And I ended up liking this episode better than the first one (which I read next.) This particular episode is written by Andrea Phillips and focuses on the POV of May. Her inner and outer struggles with this apocalyptic world that she and her friends have landed in are starting to bubble over and out her mouth. Add the fact that the terrain is dangerous and the occupants are agressive and you have the mix for a great story. May’s inner sorrow and desperation only deepen her sense of loss since waking up on this new planet a few days ago. Will May and her friends make it home alive? Where and What exactly is this planet? Read and find out.


Lunch Witch #2: Knee-deep in Niceness

by Deb Lucke

Cute little children’s/middle grades graphic novel about the mess created when Grunhilda’s familiars try and make her meaner. This graphic is funny from opening page to the last. The humor is akin to Roahl Dahl with the witches drawn after witches from The Smurfs comics and TV show. I think any 4th grader and up would think this was fantastic. Grunhilda puts erasers in the baked beans. She talks to her spider like its a loved on. And her ancestors literally come back alive to punish her for not being evil enough. While I would have liked to read #1, it wasn’t at all necessary in order to understand #2. I definitely enjoyed Knee Deep in Niceness.

All of these novels were provided by NetGalley for an honest review.


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