Written Word Vs Technology


So I wanted to do this short little discussion because of a comment my husband made. First off I have a confession. I am addicted to school supplies. Set me loose in an Office Depot and you are asking me to come out broke. I have a whole collection of pens waiting to be used. And notebooks ready to become journals, list books, or blog planners. Post it notes are my guilty pleasure. And stickers give me a crazy euphoria. Well my husband made a comment to the extent of “Why do you need to write things down when you type or text it out. Just put it in your phone.” Now I know technology is a thing and here to stay. I’m not like totally against it and ready to go live in a cabin in the woods. But there are certain things that I just can’t stop doing by hand. For one, writing it out helps you remember it. But also some things mean more when they are written out. Let’s talk about a few of those things.

Sweet Notes

I’m one of those weird people that still write people notes when they need a pick me up. I still had handwritten stuff into birthday cards. (Actually I tend to make the card too but that’s a craft thing.) I frequently write my husband little notes and leave them on his nightstand or his desk. I’m just one of those people. And the notes I’ve been given back mean the world to me. I still have all of the notes my husband gave me when we were dating. They are now in a scrap book.  I can’t say that they would mean the same in text form.  My mom sent me some really thoughtful and endearing cards last year when I was going through a rough time. Her hand written words meant so much to me that I cried and still reread the cards from time to time. A text would have gotten lost in the chaos of my phone and maybe even deleted. I’d never find it again if I wanted to reread it that’s for sure.

Pen Pal letters

Similar to the notes idea is the concept of pen pals. I actually have a few penpals that I keep up with. Sometimes I cheap out and type the letters I admit but for the most part I write them. And either way they are receiving a note from me that I took the time to write out and put together. There is something satisfying about putting aside time to write to someone rather than send them a quick email. It feels more personal and like you are genuinely interested in getting to know the other person. Plus who doesn’t love getting mail?


As some of you know I’ve kept a journal since I was in 6th grade. In case you’re wondering that’s seventeen years ago. I personally prefer to hand write my journal entries. While my journals started out as mostly doodles accompanied by random thoughts, they have evolved through the years to include poetry I’ve written, quotes I love, daily activities and my own thoughts as a process what’s happening in my life. I know many people are into typing up their journals. But where would I be without the doodles and the bright color swatches. Plus I love including washi tape and stickers. With an electronic journal there is no washi tape. No tangible stickers. Plus I’ve have these journals for years to come with my life pressed upon the pages.

So overall thought is that despite the rise in technology and how the access and availability are becoming more widespread, I don’t think I will quite writing certain things out by hand. What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you still hand write things? Or have you given it up and gone strictly electronic? Do you wish you hand wrote stuff more often? Let me know in the comments down below. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. TTFN.

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12 thoughts on “Written Word Vs Technology

  1. alavoie909 says:

    I love hand writing everything. Even before I have to type something up I like to hand write it first. Theres a special feeling you get when you write a special note to someone just to brighten up their day. I sneek little notes into my husbands lunch bag every now and then just to show I care 😊

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  2. Sarah says:

    I like a mix of both, but I do love me some physical journals. I keep a book journal, where I hand write my thoughts on books and the quotes that I like as I’m reading (which basically serves as the skeleton for my review posts). I also use this for some miscellaneous stuff, but it is 95% books. I also loove sending hand-written letters to people and getting them back! I have years of handwritten daily journals, but I’ve started making the switch to electronic for those because I find that my hands write too slowly compared to my thoughts and I end up frustrated that I can’t get everything out in time!

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  3. Reads & Reels says:

    I think it’s great that you do all that. I too am obsessed with stationary. I have a million journals just because they’re gorgeous.

    I still like letters and cards. They will always be more personal. I also keep actual photo albums too. Lol

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  4. Briana says:

    I prefer to write a lot of things out, too. I’m sure that’s partially because even though I’m not really that old, the pervasiveness of cell phones and then smart phones and tablets. etc. was not really a thing during my childhood. Actually, I still own a flip phone, so I can’t take notes on my phone even now, even if I wanted to. But I think actual writing and technology are good for different things. And there’s definitely nothing better than getting an actual letter in the mail or a cute note from someone!

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  5. kozbisa says:

    I think everyone should get a pen pal. When I was a wee girl (in the 80s), I joined a pen pal exchanged to learn more about people in other countries (even though I am first generation American). I had a pen pal from almost every continent (sadly, no pen pal from Antartica). I still have some of letters, and I think letter writing is such a beautiful way to share part of yourself.


  6. Hilary @ SongsWroteMyStory says:

    I am definitely big on writing things out. I keep a planner that I make in a blank notebook and also use as a journal from the reverse side. I write notes on a white board for my partner or as reminders for myself. I use technology for things that I can’t write. I honestly don’t know how people can do that sort of stuff on technology. It’s so much more frustrating!

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  7. smritidixit says:

    Writing by hand has helped me write better articles, i feel more confident about my piece. Typing is faster and easier but it doesnt trigger thoughts, for a writer writing by hand is a best way to be creative.


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