Fierce Fangirl Friday Spiderman

Hello nerdlings. It’s FRIDAY!! WOOT WOOT! *dances around* okay so anyways. I’m here to do Fierce Fangirl Friday. Fierce Fangirl Friday was started and is hosted by Too Much Of A Booknerd. Today I am going to be talking about Spiderman: Homecoming. As in the newest Marvel cinematic release. I saw it in theaters Saturday July 15th with my wonderful husband and I have some things to say. So I will present them to you, in list format no less. (Maniacal Laugh)

  1. While I’m a little too old be on the “Tom Holland is so hott” train, I can solidly say that he is the best live action Spiderman that we’ve seen. He is geeky/nerdy without being a hipster. He cares about his neighborhood and local area more than surfing with the big boys. Holland’s Spiderman was comical in an awkward geek type of way. Which is true to the original Spiderman. I thought Holland’s acting was excellent. He really got the emotion of each scene and the eagerness of a young Peter Parker. I’m glad the studio chose to put Parker in high school and not just skip over those young years. Holland really brought everything he had to the table making Spiderman seem fantastic and yet relatable. I’m glad the studio went with Holland.
  2. Those action sequences were badass. It seemed like every third scene had some sort of action sequences. There were major explosions and bad guys kicking butt. Many times I thought to myself, “OOOO that had to hurt.” It was never so over the top as to break your belief in the scene and instead was just the right amount of action to keep you inside of each moment waiting to see what would happen next. The scene on in Vulture’s warehouse towards the end was one of my favorites. Seeing Spiderman decide that he was more than his suit and life the concrete blocks off himself was so cool.
  3. They used the right amount of villains. That sounds like a weird thing to say but the last Spiderman movie and a few other super hero movies I’ve seen in the past 2 years do this thing were they bring in multiple villains but each has their own convoluted story line. This is no bueno for me. Having so many villains and their arcs not connecting makes the plot confusing and leaves it meandering around throughout the movie. Spiderman:Homecoming stuck with Volture and Shocker whose story arcs intertwine pretty heavily. It was enough to give the fanboys what they wanted without confusing the heck out of the non comic readers/cartoon watchers. You stay grounded in the story rooting for your neighborhood friendly Spiderman the entire time.
  4. The Ironman crossovers were the bomb. One of the great things about Marvel now owning Spiderman is we get crossovers! Everyone who has seen the trailer saw the scene with Tony and Spidey in the limo where Tony says “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… And don’t do anything I WOULD do. There’s a little Grey area there and that’s where you opperate.” Personally I thought that would be the extent of Robert Downing Jr’s involvement with this project. (He plays Ironman). But no there are four or five scenes with Tony in them in. Including the one at the end where Tony proposes for Pepper Pots and Happy pulls out a ring and says, “I’ve been holding onto this since 2008.” (Which is when the first Iron Man came out.) It was pretty cool to see the overlap of Marvel characters in a real and authentic way.
  5. Diversity was everywhere in a natural and non awkward way. MJ is now black. Spiderman falls for black senior in his class named Liz who is the child of a white man and a black woman. Flash is now Indian American. Spiderman’s best friend is Hispanic. It was just so refreshing to see diversity be a natural and everyday kind of thing. Not forced and stunted. But just people being people. It really raised my excitement in this series.

Basically I really liked this movie. It didn’t reach Wonderman status of Girl power awesome, but it was pretty close. I highly recommend you guys see this one whether you’re a Marvel obsessed nut like myself or just enjoy a decent super hero movie. I hope you get the chance to head out to the theaters soon and enjoy the new Spiderman: Homecoming.  If you have seen it already, then leave me a comment below and we can fangirl together. I hope y’all are having a wonderful day! TTFN.

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