Top 10 Videos That Make Me Laugh

Hello bookish family. It’s Tuesday meaning I would regularly do Top Ten Tuesday. But since The Broke and Bookish  is on a small break I thought I would do my own Top Tuesday. Recently I read an article by Buzzfeed talking about videos that went viral in 2007. Which is the year I graduated high school and started college. It brought back a lot of memories and more than a few laughs. Then I saw this tag on Nut Free Nerd where you pick 10 videos that make you smile, make a playlist, and share them. Pretty fun right? But instead of doing the tag part, I’m just gonna talk to y’all about 10 videos, or collections of videos that I turn to when I need a smile. Having a rough day? Watch one of these vids for an instant pick me up.

Let’s start with some rules I gave myself. Nothing inappropriate. That seems like a duh! Also I decided not to include clips movies or tv shows. I tried to use mostly YouTube original content but there are one of two that were part of real comedy routines. Also these videos had to be something I will never forget and always love. My playlist will be linked at the bottom. Note it has more than ten videos on it. I’m just going to be discussing the top ten. Here we GO!

10. Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

There was a whole series of Potter Puppet Pals videos, but this one was by far the most famous and best. It went viral in 2007. I was constantly going around doing the vocals with my collection of HP obsessed friends and family. Every time I watch it I think back and giggle.

9. The Bed Intruder Song

In 2010 a news team interviewed Antoine Dodson about his sister’s attempted rape assailant. Then the Greggory brothers took that interview and auto-tuned it into a song. The song hit 89 on Bilboard’s top 100 songs that week and soon Antoine was famous. The great things about this video is that with his newfound fame and the money he received from the song based on his earlier interview, Antoine was able to move his family out of the projects and start a foundation for type 1 diabetes. But I can’t help it. I watch this and laugh.

8. Epic Rap Battle: Geek Vs. Nerd

If you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed wit Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning. I love the idea of debating geekiness vs nerdiness. And I’m not sorry, this is just hilarious.

7. Beauty and the Beat

Because who doesn’t love a good Beauty and the Beast parody?

6. Honest Trailers

This is an entire series of videos put on by Screen Junkies. I love seeing them dissect movies I love and point out the plot holes and inconsistencies.  These videos are pretty funny and almost always accurate. The one for Frozen is one of my favorites.

5. Dear Kitten

This is another series of videos created by Buzzfeed in collaboration with Friskies. We all know I’m cat obsessed so of course I find these videos cute and humorous.

4. Sad Cat Diary

Another cat related video. The people who made this video also made a Sad Dog Diary if that is your preference. But I prefer this one.

3. Substitute Teacher

This was originally a sketch on Comedy Central on the show Key & Peele. Its one of those I’ll forget about for a while and then it resurfaces and I MUST watch it and laugh along with it. It’s probably my favorite Key & Peele sketch. Though I’ll say, I enjoy most of what they produce.

2. If Google Were A Guy

This is a series produced by College Humor. And if you haven’t seen it yet I must insist you stop right now and watch it. I cackle when I watch these videos. I think my favorites in the series are 1 & 3. Please watch it!

And finally, my number one video that always makes me smile is….

1. Mad Tv’s Bon Qui Qui at King Burger

This is another video that went viral in 2007. My college friends and I would watch this at least once a day for while, or sometimes many times in a row. We pretty much memorized it and started acting it out ourselves. To this day I still use the phrases “I will CUT You…”, “No, you can have a coke!” and “Don’t interupt! Rue!” I think they’ll forever be part of my vocabulary.


Here is a list for my full playlist of videos that make me happy.  I hope you found a video that makes you smile today or maybe rediscovered an old favorite. Have you seen any of these videos before? What did you think? And what is a video that always makes you laugh/smile? Let me know in the comments down below. I hope you guys are having a terrific Tuesday! TTFN.

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