Reasons I’ll Unfollow Your Bookstagram

Hello nerdlings. I’m here today for a discussion. I saw this post on Novel Knight’s blog called “6 Reasons I’ll Unfollow You”. And I thought it was an interesting concept so I wanted to put on my thoughts on the discussion but narrowed specifically to bookstagram. I joined the bookstagram community around the time I created this blog and I have to say that I really enjoy it. I’ve really enjoyed the community there and the people that I’ve met and interacted with. It irks me when people follow me only to unfollow me later. And I feel guilty when I unfollow people. But with that being said there are five big reasons I will unfollow people. Some of these apply to the blog world as well.

1. Inactive account

I post daily. Sometimes twice daily. You don’t have to live up to that standard. That can be crazy for some people and I get that. But if you stop posting for more than a few months I’m likely to unfollow you simply because I follow so many blogs and bookstagrams that I can’t be just following everyone and their brother. So sad, but true.

2. You are rude to people

I’d think this was a given but when it comes to social media it surely is not. People attack each other all the time. And while I agree we should be striving for diversity and what not daily, I also think that instead of calling people “racists, bigots, or homophobes” you just walk away. Unfollow them if you must. But being rude is never called for. So take a chill pill. I got into bookstagram to make friends. Not police what everyone is reading. Geez.

3. You don’t interact with your followers

This is probably something that doesn’t make much sense to most people. But I came to bookstagram to make friends. Like specifically made this account so I could meet others who read. If you don’t like my comments or comment back at least one tenth of the time then I will eventually unfollow you. Simply because there are other accounts I could be following who do comment back and then go and comment on my posts as well. I got into this to make friends. Not to simply look at your excellent feed. For this reason I have unfollowed MANY accounts with super high follower counts. They just aren’t interactive unless you also have a high follower count. And I’m not here for that.

4. . You are constantly complaining about your numbers

I don’t follow many big accounts anymore due to the above mentioned reason. But still I have to unfollow some big accounts recently that I felt like every day their story was full of them saying how all these people unfollowed them and their last post only got 200 likes instead of 300. Like I get it. The algorithm makes it hard for certain posts to see the light of day. But you have a steady stream of followers. If you’ve created a repore with them or they love your photos they will seek them out and like them. And complaining to the people who did NOT unfollow you is tacky and cringe worthy. Please stop!

5. You post spoilers without giving a warning

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been reading someone’s story or photo caption only to have them start talking about how two characters break up and it broke their heart. Or a character died and it killed them inside. I was spoiled for Six of Crows and Clockwork Princess on bookstagram along with one other that I can’t remember. But still! All you have to do is type in **Warning! Spoilers** Like seriously. I’ll read that and stop reading. Please warn your followers!


I don’t think I’m asking for anything crazy. I don’t care if your feed doesn’t have a theme or you post sporadically. I don’t care whether you have 10 followers or 1000. I just want a community I can talk with and that respects their followers.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of my reasons for unfollowing someone. And also let me know if you would unfollow someone for a different reason. I hope you guys are having a word filled Wednesday! TTFN

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16 thoughts on “Reasons I’ll Unfollow Your Bookstagram

  1. Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books says:

    I was just your 500th follower on Instagram! 😀

    I so agree with people complaining about followers. I have seen that a lot lately and its getting on my nerves! I’m getting tired of the word algorithm!!!

    I’m still trying to keep up with all my social media. Between blogging, Twitter and Instagram it is a lot. Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon!

    Awesome post!

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    1. sydneysshelves says:

      It’s def a challenge to keep up . I just love the positivity of instagram and commenting on ppls photos. I try and always comment on those that steadily like my stuff and especially those that comment back. Bc I am doing this to befriend ppl. To have conversations.

      I am def sick of the word algorithm. Like really? I know my account isn’t a big deal. But ya know what? I’m okay with that. Bc I’m not here for that. And complaining to those that DO follow you is just.. rude.

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  2. TeacherofYA says:

    I don’t get to go through the feed often, but if someone comments, I always comment back. I think that’s just common courtesy. I am a big believer in treating others with respect, and it’s NOT all about the numbers. Yes, I’m happy that people follow, but I don’t have pretty pics or staging areas: my blog is number one, and my Bookstagram is a place to gush about books that are pretty or that we love. I do get sick of being tagged on 20,000 giveaways: I won one once and never received it and now the girl is ignoring me. So it sucks.
    But I love the general enthusiasm for book love!

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    1. sydneysshelves says:

      agreed. And I always make sure I only tag ppl who are cool with me tagging them. That’s so awful that you never received your giveaway. ppl sometimes… I want to do my own giveaway this fall. But I’m nervous about how to do it.


  3. thebookishlibra says:

    Great post. I don’t do bookstagram yet and don’t know if I ever will, but if I were doing it, these are definitely reasons I would not continue to follow someone, especially the rudeness. There’s just no need for anyone to be like that.


  4. Molly's Book Nook says:

    ahhh interaction is so important to me across all platforms! I’m not ALWAYS on bookstagram but I try to post a few times a week and reply to comments on my photos/go through and like & comments on others every day. But if I notice someone NEVER responds to people or me, then I’m likely to unfollow. Same goes for bloggers. I’ve followed several people who just never reply to people! It’s so weird to me because I’m here to make friends too!

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  5. kozbisa says:

    I have to say, when someone starts blathering about their numbers, it makes me feel like all they care about are their numbers. I started posting book pics because I want the interactions and I liked being a part of the community. I have a small blog and a small group of followers on Instagram, but I would rather have a handful of people who I enjoy interacting with, than a million who just follow for a follow.

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  6. ashley says:

    I think the not interacting with your followers bothers me the most, especially when it comes to my blog. And I feel like the more “lifestyle” type people do this the most often.

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    1. sydneysshelves says:

      I don’t have experience with “lifestyle” types but I’ll take your word. I agree that it’s frustrating. I didn’t start this to get the biggest numbers. I wanted ppl to chat with about books.


      1. ashley says:

        Me too. I’ve found with lifestyle blogs that I used to follow they don’t really reply to comments too much. They’re more concerned with numbers and brand partnerships.


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