Fierce Fangirl Friday

Hello nerdlings! It’s time for another Fierce Fangirl Friday! FFF is a meme created and hosted by Jackie at Too Much Of a Book Nerd. If you follow my blog you know that yesterday I posted my own and original book tag! It’s theme was underrated animated movies. Well today I thought I would fangirl about my top 5 favorites. Disney movies get so much hype. And I get it. They put out some pretty fantastic movies. But they are not the only ones my friends. There are other companies putting out animated movies that in my opinion deserve to be classics. Yet they are not. I cannot stand for this a moment longer. So here are my thoughts on five animated movies that are not Disney and highly underrated.

The Iron Giant


This movie spurred a love of history within me. Sputnik? Early 60’s? All part of the plot of this heartwarming film about a boy who friends a giant robot.  For one thing Vin Diesel voices the robot. Other famous voice actors include Jennifer Aniston and Henry Conick Jr. But what I love most about this film is the story of friendship it tells between young Hogarth and the Iron Giant. Hogarth has never had any real friends. He is picked on and slightly neglected. His mom is a single mom working crazy hours. All he wants is a pet so he has someone to talk to. He befriends this robot only to have the government try and take the robot away. RUDE! This movie will make you cry, laugh, and cry some more. Watch it!

Once Upon A Forest


This is a movie about a group of animal friends who have to go on an adventure to save the youngest of their group when she is accidentally poisoned by Humans who are polluting their area. Similar to Fern Gully in that it really touches topics related to taking care of the environment. I really love the invention the squirlings make at the end. They take an idea they had seen only once and replicate and enlarge it. Its a sweet film that I watched frequently as a child.

Your Name


This is actually a new release. It came out in Japan in 2016. And the dubbed version came to America earlier this year. I saw it in theaters and about died. It’s not studio ghibli so over here it’s only making saves with anime fans. Which is a dying same. The animation in this movie was like something out of the old Disney movies before everything was computerized and looked like Pixar. The music was perfection and blended so well with each scene. And the story. OH EM GEE the story. I predicted the ending before it happened but still. The journey to get to the ending was so… just so much. My heart strings were pulled and I was rooting for this couple. Loudly.  Please go watch this film as soon as possible.

An American Tail and Fieval Goes West

I was straight up obsessed with these movies as a kid. The story of young Fieval as he journeys with his family to America for the first time in order to get away from the terrible cats (the russians). But on the ship over Fieval gets separated from his family only to then learn that they didn’t get as far away from the cats as they thought they did. This movie is sad yet beautiful. Fieval and Tiger’s friendship will kindle your heart and make you giggle. And the sequel is just as good as the first one. Really. The family moves out west during the goldrush. These two movies have wonderful soundtracks you’ll get stuck in your head for days. Plus it’s cool to see actual history woven into the story. Real events and places are used which helped drive my love of historical fiction as a child.

Swan Princess


I would watch this movie on repeat as a child. This is probably my favorite fairytale. I wish there was more retellings of it. Retellings without the creepy vibes that Black Swan had going. Princess Odette is fabulous. She is one of few princesses who challenges the role/idea of princesses everywhere. The Prince tells her she is beautiful and she responds with , “And what else? Is beauty all that matters to you?” Like dang girl! GET YOU SUM! The sidekicks in the movie are some of my favorite animated sidekicks. They’re funny and relatable. Please someone watch this movie so we can fangirl about it. Because I just love it so much. I enjoyed the sequels but didn’t love them. The voice actors changed the plot wasn’t as good. But this first one is a home run!


I hope you guys enjoyed this Fierce Fangirl Friday. Comment down below and let me know if you love any of these movies. Or if you plan on watching any of them. Let’s fangirl together! Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday

  1. Febry says:

    The only ones I haven’t seen are Once Upon A Forest and Your Name (probs because this is more recent). I totally agree that the other three/four films are HIGHLY UNDERRATED! I watched The Swan Princess countless times as a child and I STILL have the VCR tape lying around somewhere. I even had a Swan Princess marathon with a friend in high school. Still love it.

    One movie you didn’t mention that I also think is highly underrated and I absolutely adore is The Pebble and the Penguin. I recently watched it a couple months ago for the first time in years and ugh…SO GOOD!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sydneysshelves says:

      I actually thought about adding Pebble and the Penguin. It’s so cute. And you need to see Your Name and Once Upon a Forest. My dad sadly sold my VHS tapes one weekend at a yard sale. But its okay bc they went to a little girl who was so excited to get them. And since it was after the age of DVD and Bluerays I figured she needed them more than I do.

      The Swan Princess was one of my most watched movies as a kid along with The American Tail duology. I still go around singing “This is my idea of fun” and “Far Longer Than Forever.”


      1. Febry says:

        Awww! Well, at least they’re going to a good place and that little girl will experience films the way we did growing up! I will definitely give those a watch; they sound amazing.

        Omg, yes! I sang those songs so much and I still know them verbatim! There are so many great animated films out there that deserve more credit, but they’ll always be overshadowed by Disney. Obviously I love Disney, but credit is due where needed, and those films definitely fit the bill.

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  2. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate says:

    OMG I love Swan Princess so much!!! We can totally fangirl together xD It’s my favorite non-Disney animated movie and it’s just perfection. I just loved everything about it, from the beginning when we’re shown their transition from adorable kids to awkward teenagers (one of my favorite moments in the whole movie), to the “What else is there?” sequence (it was so relatable, OMG! Best portrayal ever), to just about everything else. Sure, it was cheesy but it didn’t bother me at all. If anything, only added to its charm 🙂
    Your Name destroyed me completely. I cried and cried and cried. And I was really upset about it, too. It just frustrated me to no end because I wanted a happy ending so bad and seeing these lovely characters being hurt and confused and lost just made me hurt and confused and lost too! I think the ending was appropriate and finally gave my heart some peace. But I was still shaken by the time it was over, and my mind was all over the place with the intensity of what I’d just watched.
    Great post, Sydney!

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