Ranking of Disney Princesses

Hey there nerdlings. It is Wednesay, and on Wednesdays I try and put up a discussion of sorts. I was drawing a blank about what to talk about today when my best friend and I decided to do this thing. My best friend Tina and I are obsessed with Disney. And we’d seen this video on youtube that Screen Junkies did where they ranked Disney Princesses from best to worst.

we’ll we decided that we wanted to do something similar. (Or basically the same thing.) We added princesse Anna as well as changed up the categories. We judged them based on Royal Lineage, Quality of Sidekick, Singing Capabilities, Independence, Movie Theme Song, Relatability, Talent, and Aesthetics, all on a scale from zero to ten. Now I’m here to talk about, for your entertainment, the worst  Disney princesses and the best

The Worst Disney Princesses



A classic Disney princess for sure. She tied in second to last place with Jasmine. Where did she go wrong? Well she doesn’t really have a sidekick. She has some animal friends but they aren’t good sidekick material. She also isn’t very independent. And while that’s not her fault, it’s still true that she can’t take care of herself very well. She see’s some cute guy and dances with him once only to say, “Whoopie! I’m in love.” Like come on girl! Also, despite her classic story, my friend and I had a hard time relating to her. She had a total of 42 points.



This is my personal least favorite princess. She’s rude, runs away from her problems, and I just always thought she was a spoiled brat. Ranking wise she struggled in a few categories. She also has a definite lack of quality sidekick. I mean we can count Raja but he doesn’t talk or anything. He doesn’t move the story along. Also girlfriend has no talent , nor can she take care of herself. Jasmine is used to being waited on, and apparently can’t do anything except throw temper tantrums. Just saying. She also totaled 42 points.



Another Disney classic. Her theme song is iconic. And who can’t relate to being forced to do housework? What killed Cinderella was two things. One, she has no royal lineage. She was a peasant prior to her marriage to Charming. And Cinderella, while timeless, is also mediocre in many of the other categories. She didn’t have any tens. Sad day for the gal, she can sing and she dance (no this isn’t France). But she’s not outstanding in any category. Cinderella’s total was 47 points.

Snow White


Tied with Cinderella was this fourteen year old princess. Snow White is my friend’s least favorite princess. Mostly because my friend hates her voice and the music played in Snow White. And since there was a category for both of things, she was judged low in both. I personally would have rated her higher in talent and aestethics but my friend was giving her low points and we were averaging our scores together. Poor Snow White also lacked any outstanding qualities. She totalled at 47 points as well.

The Best Disney Princesses

Princess Anna


This lovely lady came in third place. Which was alright with me because I personally love Anna. I remember thinking I was in love in middle school with some boy only to realize a week later that I was being crazy and change my mind. I’ve been betrayed by people I trusted. And I personally love Anna’s voice. She has talents and is semi independent. Anna’s total was 62 points.



Belle is one of my personal favorite Disney Princesses. The only thing holding this lady back is the fact that she isn’t actually royal. She was also a mere peasant who married a prince. But she is talented, intelligent, has some awesome sidekicks and her music/singing is to die for. Belle tied with Anna for 62 points.



As much as I want to hate Frozen, I just can’t. Elsa tied for first place because she scored strongly in most categories. Her sidekick isn’t all that great but she makes up for it. She is very independent, has ice powers and a beautiful and powerful singing voice. You may be sick of hearing “Let it go” but you can’t deny what a powerhouse song it is. Also both Tina and I love how Elsa hiding her powers has been portrayed as how we treat those with mental illness. We want them to conceal and not feel. But its time to let it go. Elsa ended up with 70 points.



This was both mine and Tina’s choice for best Disney princess, and after the judging she still came out on top. Rapunzel has an awesome sidekick, she sings so well, and she is hecka talented. I mean in that opening song she is doing like a trillion different things to fill her day. Ain’t nobody got time for that except Rapunzel. Also we enjoyed that she took the time to get to know her love interest. Rapunzel is incredibly niave, like we both are, and yet she is still very believable. Rapunzel also scored 70 points.


Well I hope you guys enjoyed me judging the best and worst Disney Princesses. Who is your favorite and least favorite Disney Princess? Did any of these rankings seem off to you? Let me know in the comments below. And I wish you a very magical day!

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9 thoughts on “Ranking of Disney Princesses

  1. Febry says:

    I agree with all of your choices, actually! I absolutely ADORE Rapunzel and Belle and Aurora is such a weak character. Yeah she’s a classic princess, but the way she fell in love with Phillip is like a terrible, cliche fan fic.


  2. Book Princess Review (@_bookprincess_) says:

    I stopped in the middle of my feed and literally raced over here the moment I saw ranking of princesses. XD I totally see where you and your friend were coming for on all of these. I’m sooooo with your friend about Snow White. The voice drives me insane. And poor Aurora. XD She was my favorite as a kid, but I have no clue why. You made some fantastic points. But I still have a soft spot for her. XD And Rapunzel is just amazingggggg. Wonderful job, Sydney!!


  3. Barbara In Caneyhead says:

    I haven’t a clue who Aurora is supposed to be! Cinderella was a daughter of a somebody, but he died and left her with a terrible woman. She has adorable mice & birds. I am not a fan of the Frozen princesses. My favorite is not technically a princess: Mulan. Mulan is selfless, takes charge to change a bad situation, wins the respect of the men she serves with and gets the “prince”.
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. confessionsofalostprincess says:

    Thank you so much for choosing Rapunzel as the best princess! I hate how people say she is passive and weak when in actual fact she is the one to save Eugene countless times by herself. She is also the most talented and one of the most intelligent – figuring out star constellations just by reading books, yeah I’d say that’s pretty impressive!


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