Fierce Fangirl Friday


Hello nerdlings! Today I’m here for another Fierce Fangirl Friday. This meme is hosted by Too Much Of A Book Nerd. Based on the above picture I’m sure you’ve figured out what I will be fangirling about today; WONDER WOMAN.

Last Saturday my husband and I got tickets at our favorite theater to see Wonder Woman. I was really looking forward to it because it’s a) a super hero movie b) the super hero is a kickass female. Two of my jams. The movie had already recieved some great buzz from Rotten Tomatoes, and a few movie reviewers that my husband and I watch on youtube. So my expectations were pretty high. (And I feel the need to note that this is not normal behaviour from me when it comes to DC movies. I’ve mentioned before that the only DC super hero movie I have outright loved was the Lego Batman movie. I mean Suicide Squad had way too much going on. Batman Vs. Superman had too many stinkin’ plot lines. Anyways I digress.)


The movie opens up to this little girl (Diana) watching these ladies fight. And they are badass ladies. From this moment I knew that I would love this movie. These warriors are flipping off their horses while shooting arrows and jumping off their shields into the air and twirling with swords . Like it was so awesome to look at. And Princess Buttercup is now a warrior named Antiope. She is no longer the girl that is helpless but a character who is strong and brave. And I just squeeled with delight. Diana’s story unfolds and we learn how she was created and why. She was molded from clay to be the one who wields the god killer sword. (Not a spoiler really.)

I loved that the actress who played Wonder Woman wasn’t just a super model pushed into this character. No, Gal Gadot served for two years with the Israel Defense Forces. So she could actually fight. Also a side note about Gadot. Girlfriend was pregnant the last three months of filming and had to do reshoots 5 months pregnant. So she is a BAMF all on her own. She is a true Wonder Woman.


As the movie goes on I loved how Wonder Woman’s story stayed true to the original comics. They explain how she became Diana Prince. She uses her tried and true weapons.  And she takes part in The Great War in Europe. They bring out Wonder Woman’s personality with such flair and believability. I really bought Diana as a character. Her heart was so pure and she really believed in doing what is right. My favorite scene is when Diana burst through the windows and there is a slow motion montage while her theme song is played. It really gave me the fangirl feels and I couldn’t help but smile.

The  acting in this was superb. I didn’t really know how it would turn out because I’d never heard of Gal Gadot before this and Chris Pine was known for romantic comedies. But both actors did a great job as did their supporting cast. I was pretty excited to see Mr.Proffesor Lupin in the movie as Sir Patrick Morgan. And even Lucy Davis as Etta Candy was fun to watch. I almost always have a complaint about the acting in DC movies but I have nothing negative to say about Wonder Woman.


Finally I loved that Ares was the bad guy. It was almost like watching what Percy Jackson could have been. Using the gods and mythology in your story and having a main plotline without going crazy. I loved the mythology behind this story and how it was weaved throughout the movie with some great cinematography. I never felt lost or confused. And there was only ever one bad guy. The last few DC movies have tried to weave multiple plot lines and bad guys together. But I was so happy that Wonder Woman chose a direction and stuck with it. It made the movie more compelling.

Basically I really loved this movie. If you haven’t seen it, please go check it out. If you have seen it then please chat with me in the comments. Like I want to gush forever about this movie and Gal Gadot. I can’t stop won’t stop. I hope you guys are having a fantastic Friday! TTYL. TTFN.

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7 thoughts on “Fierce Fangirl Friday

  1. Sarah says:

    Ahhhh I just saw Wonder Woman last week and I loved it. I was expecting good things from Chris Pine (tbh I didn’t even know he was in it until he showed up onscreen) because I remember liking him in the first Star Trek remake!

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