All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda


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It’s been ten years since Nicolette Farrell left her rural hometown after her best friend, Corinne, disappeared from Cooley Ridge without a trace. Back again to tie up loose ends and care for her ailing father, Nic is soon plunged into a shocking drama that reawakens Corinne’s case and breaks open old wounds long since stitched.

The decade-old investigation focused on Nic, her brother Daniel, boyfriend Tyler, and Corinne’s boyfriend Jackson. Since then, only Nic has left Cooley Ridge. Daniel and his wife, Laura, are expecting a baby; Jackson works at the town bar; and Tyler is dating Annaleise Carter, Nic’s younger neighbor and the group’s alibi the night Corinne disappeared. Then, within days of Nic’s return, Annaleise goes missing.

Told backwards—Day 15 to Day 1—from the time Annaleise goes missing, Nic works to unravel the truth about her younger neighbor’s disappearance, revealing shocking truths about her friends, her family, and what really happened to Corinne that night ten years ago.

Like nothing you’ve ever read before, All the Missing Girls delivers in all the right ways. With twists and turns that lead down dark alleys and dead ends, you may think you’re walking a familiar path, but then Megan Miranda turns it all upside down and inside out and leaves us wondering just how far we would be willing to go to protect those we love.



Let me just come right out and say that I loved this book. Not in that, “I’ll reread you and cherish you” way but in the “I really enjoyed my time reading this book” way. First off let me say that this is more thriller than mystery. Though there is mystery, in fact two separate murders to solve and bodies to find, I thought the strength of this novel lied in the story telling. The writing was intense and kept feeling “watched”. I related to Nicolette’s feelings toward her small gossipy town. And I just really got into these characters.

Ten years ago Nic’s best friend Corrine Prescott went missing. It was fall and the Fair was in town. Nicolette, her boyfriend Tyler, Corrine’s boyfriend Jackson, and Nic’s brother Daniel were all heavily questioned by the police. But they kept their secrets and the mystery was never solved. Oddly enough the same suspects are wrapped up in the case for the new missing girl. I was vigorously turning pages trying to figure out how each character was involved in the different crimes.

All The Missing Girls is told  backwards. The book starts in the present introducing us to the main character and her life. She gets a call from her brother and is forced to go back to the small town from whence she came, and hates. Ever since the day, Nic’s childhood best friend went missing Nic has been trying to block out the details of that day. But when another girl goes missing she is forced to confront her demons. This is where the book jumps two weeks into the future. Day 14 after the girl’s disappearance. Then every chapter is the day before the last one. Until you slowly work yourself up to the night Annaliese goes missing. I thought this was a pretty cool way of story telling. It might confuse some but I thought it was really easy to separate what was happening in the current chapter and what I’d previously read. Meaning it would occur the next day and thus hadn’t happened yet. It made the story more intriguing and definitely kept me hooked.



I would highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys a good thriller and is looking for something new and unique.

Do you guys like Thrillers? Have you read this book? Come talk to me in the comments down below. I hope you’re having a fun Monday!

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4 thoughts on “All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

  1. Hilary @ SongsWroteMyStory says:

    I read this soon after it came out, but wasn’t so much a fan. I loved the idea of telling it backwards, but I felt that the story wasn’t strong enough to make it not feel gimmicky. I’m hard to please when it comes to thrillers, though, so maybe it’s just me.


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