Five Things Friday 6/16

Hey there nerdlings! It’s Friday. Time for the weekend and being lazy. Well for most of us anyway.


I’m here today for another Five Things Friday. Five Things Friday is something I saw on a friend’s blog and decided to steal. Feel free to steal it yourself.

1. Favorite(s) Of The Week

This has been a good two weeks so I have a few favorites.  Avenged by Amy Tintera was fantastic and I loved it. Also I listened to the audiobook for What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick and adored it. I usually struggle with fiction audiobooks but I really enjoyed this one.

2. When I Wasn’t Reading

Besides the mundane things like work and cleaning house I started exercising again. Go Me! And I’ve watched a lot of South Park. Don’t judge me. I know it can be crude and inappropriate but some of the later seasons episode’s have real depth and have interesting points. My husband loves it so he plays in the background while we do something else.. Finally I’ve been packing because WE ARE MOVING! Yep. We are renting the house I mentioned before and we move in the 19th. I’m SUPER excited. More about this is another section.

3. Pic Of The Week


This is me being silly on snapchat. Idk why I like this filter. It’s a pig and I don’t want to be associated with a pig. But its just so cute!

4. Five Things That Made Me Smile This Week

– Wonder Woman. I have a full post about this movie coming NEXT Friday. So hold on to your pants because I loved this movie.

– Music. I decided that I needed to get back into the game so I found my Pandora account (Yes I know I need a spotify) and created abunch of stations and have been switching between them. Though this has led to me having Justin Beiber, Ed Shereen, and Miley Cyrus stuck in my head. *groans*

– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I’m finally into season three and oh em gee this show makes me giggle loudly and uncontrollably. I love it so much and recommend it to everyone. (It’s MUCH cleaner than South Park).

– I started a new journal. There is something about a new journal that just makes me feel like starting over. I tried to paint a quote I loved onto the front but it came out wonky. That’s okay. I still love it.

– E3. My husband is really into video games and has been trying to get me to play with him since forever. I finally started figuring out the controls and I’m getting better but I’m not good. Well we watched the Xbox and Nintendo portions of E3 and it was so nice to see his child like excitement. We even found a game or two we could play together.

5. Looking Ahead

I’m looking forward to moving. We move our many boxes the 19th – 23rd and the 24th the movers come and move the bigger items. We’ll have to clean the apartment really well which I’m NOT looking forward to. But it’ll be worth it to have so much extra space. The house has three bedrooms, two and a half baths and two living spaces, and a garage. Plus a backyard. I’m already dreaming of the better bookstagram pics I can take. And no more parking forever away and walking through the dark night to get back home. Hip Hip Hooray! (Super readers save the… sorry. Too much babysitting. lol)

I’m also looking forward to the 24th of June. If we get everything cleaned in time then I’m heading to bookpeople to meet Cora Carmack and get my copy of Roar signed!! I’m so excited!

Well guys, that was my Five Things Friday. Comment down below and let me know something that made you smile this week and/or something you’re looking forward to in the next week or two. I hope you guys are having a fantastically bookish Friday! TTYL

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