Top Ten Fictional Fathers

Hello my bookish friends. It’s Tuesday again. So I am here for another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Today’s topic is Father’s day themed. I rounded up some good fathers in fictions that I feel like actually deserve to be given their honor and notice. I was a daddy’s girl growing up. We’d wake up early on Saturday’s and play cards after breakfast. Let’s see if any of these father’s live up to my high standard.

10. Mr. Bennett


I love that at the end Mr. Bennett pushes Lizzie towards following her heart. He’s kind, humorous, and loving.

9. Pa


A classic in my opinion. He teaches his children right from wrong. He loves them unconditionally. And does his best to support his family.

8. Atticus Finch


One of my favorite fictional fathers. He stands up for what is right even when doing so is not easy. He teaches his kids about loving people despite their appearances. (P.S. I don’t consider Go Set a Watchman Cannon.)

7. Papa


I loved that in this retelling of Beauty and the Beast the father wasn’t a) an unintelligent bumbling idiot or b) an awful person who does bad things. No. For once he was a good and honest person who loved his daughters and tried to do what was right by them.

6. Mr. Glass


I was so excited to see a father in YA who was present and involved in his daughter’s life. He went to great lengths to support and protect his family when they needed him. He went to battle to save his family. And did it without losing his wit.

5. Luke


I realize that Luke wasn’t Clary’s birth father. And didn’t even fully become her step father till the last friggin book. But let’s be real. He stepped up his game a long time ago. He was there for Clary. He advised her. He cared about her. He went through and unsanctioned and questionable portal with her just so she wouldn’t be doing something dumb on her own. That’s a father if I ever saw one. As the fun Yondu once said, “He may be your father boy. But I’m your daddy.” Yes Luke, you are Clary’s daddy.

4. Keith Mars


I love Keith Mars. He encourages and supports his daughter. Yet disciplines her appropriately when she is in the wrong. He knows how to be friendly with her and yet set boundaries. He is loving, smart, and just a good man.

These last three were hard for me to decide who I liked more.

3. Hotchner


In case you’ve never seen Criminal Minds, this man is a fabulous father. He works 60+ hours a week, is away from home frequently and yet his main priority and concern is always his son Jack. He makes sure to take time out of his busy schedule to be with Jack. And not just be there. But to be actively involved with his son’s life. He takes him trick or treating. He plays sports with Jack. I just love Hotch and Jack’s father son relationship.

2. Lola’s Dads


Lola’s two dads were stinkin’ fantastic in this book. They were probably my favorite part of this book. They set up boundaries and limits for their daughter. They set aside family time on the regular. They did things with their daughter that was specific to her enjoyment and personality. They were able to talk to Lola about personal things without being too awkward or harsh. I just really loved her dads.

1. Mr. Carter


Starr’s father is phenomenal in this book. Like he gets an award for father of the year. He supports and encourages his daughter to be true to herself and stand up for what she believes in. He isn’t perfect but he believes in second chances. He believes in learning from your past to create a better future. Mr. Carter sincerely wants to do what is right by his family. He also genuinely cares about his community and tries to promote and foster bonds of friendship and community within Garden Heights. I was so excited when I read this book to see parents that were so involved with their kid. But especially Starr’s father’s relationship with her. He is an example of what fathers should be like.

Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers out there. I hope you got to spend time with or hear from your kids. And I hope the rest of you are having a terrific Tuesday! ttyl.

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Fictional Fathers

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Mr. Bennet and Pa from Little House- definitely. Great choices. The other ones I don’t know although I saw the dad from veronica Mars on another list- I wish I had seen that show. I should find it and binge it one of these days.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. notimefortinybookshelves says:

    Yes! Completely agree with you on Luke being an awesome father figure – I feel like he doesn’t always gets the recognition that he deserves for it. Also, I agree times one million that Mr. Carter deserves a Father of the Year award. He was one of my favorite characters from The Hate U Give, such an impressive father figure who was just the right mix of all of the things that you hope a father will be. I also must admit that I squealed when I saw that you had Hotchner on your list – I am SUCH a huge Criminal Minds fan and couldn’t agree more with him making your list!

    Liked by 1 person

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