The Infernal Devices Review/quotes


Hello nerdlings, how are you doing? While I was on vacation last month I decided to devour the Infernal Devices series. (FINALLY!!) And I actually made it through the first two and half of the third one. Well now I have finished and it is time for my thoughts, opinions, and feels. Only there are so many reviews on this series already that I wonder if I’m too late to the game. So I am going to do a quick rundown of my thoughts and feelings. And then go into my favorite quotes from the series.

Clockwork Angel

I cannot begin to describe how incredibly bored I was while reading this book. Everyone had told me and told me again that I would love this series. It would make me feel wonderful and tragic things. Yet from the first page I wanted to a) sucker punch Will, b) Give Tessa a personality and c) Kick Jessamine. It was a struggle to finish this book. I think part of this is that the series is so freaking hyped as just the best thing since sliced bread. Another influence is that I looked up who Jessamine was b/c I was struggling to remember the Lovelace family from TMI and I kind of spoiled myself on some very major plot points. First time this has worked against me.  So how and why did I even finish the trilogy? Because I was promised by multiple fans that this series crescendos. So I moved on to book two.

Clockwork Prince

Oh My Stars I flew through this book. Tessa had def grown on me. And Will was so busy making me laugh that I noticed less often how rude he was. I completely fell in love with Jem. I teared up at points. I yelled with excitement. This book was just so much better that its predecessor.  I liked the direction the story was headed in and it was so nice to see so much of Magnus Bane whom I love!

Clockwork Princess

After a short break I read the third and final book. Though it took me longer to read due to location logistics I still really enjoyed it. People were right about all the feelings. I was up and down and back and sideways frequently. I do have a few thoughts/issues. Tessa is captured and Will sets out to retrieve her like halfway through the book. And since I figured the whole gang rescuing her would be the climax I was like ,” Well what are we gonna do for the next two hundred pages?” Um be boring and war like. This was one of those wars that I struggled to read every word of and found myself skimming for the good parts. #sorrynotsorry. Also I did not cry when the business happened with Jem. While I LOVED him, and I honestly hurt for the physical and emotional pain that Will had to endure, I already know what Jem’s future was because I had read all of the Mortal Instruments. So I was just like, “Well. um this is sad… maybe?” I’m awful. And my final issues is a spoiler. So if you don’t want to be spoiled, skip to the quotes. Are you skipping? Have the rest of you read this series? Ok good! I don’t like that Tessa got both guys. While I agree that you can have more than one great love in your lifetime and that we aren’t destined for one person forever. The ending with Tessa living a long loving life with Will only to Kiss Jem and profess her love years down the line felt a) too easily tied up in a bow and b) like Tessa was having her cake and eating it too! This is not real life!! I mean its a magical story but… you guys know what I mean. I would have rather Jem just died. That would have been powerful and sad. But NOOOO. Come on Cassie Clare. Get your story together!  Ok now for some quotes that I adored.


And now that your insides are mushy, happy, and inspired I will leave you. Let me know down below if you’ve read this series and what you thought of the ending. Also let me know if you liked any of these quotes. I hope you’re having a marvelous Monday! TTYL.

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