Magical Powers Discussion

Hey there nerdlings! It’s Wednesday. Hump Day, almost to the weekend. Today I thought I’d have a fun discussion with you: Magical Powers. I read a lot of fantasy. It started with Chronicles of Narnia as a child and my love has just grown and grown. A common component of fantastical worlds is characters with some sort of magical powers. Whether you’re watching superhero movies or reading Harry Potter there are people who can do that defy the laws of nature. Today I’m going to go through a list of powers that I would love to have and ones that you couldn’t pay me to get stuck with.

Magical Powers I Would Actually Want

1) Teleportation – This is the ability to standing in one place one second and then go anywhere you want by just imagining it. In Harry Potter this is called apparation.  Here’s the thing, I’m a crappy driver. Mostly because I am easily distracted. And while teleportation is also dangerous, I wouldn’t have to worry about hitting other people or wrecking my car. I’d just close my eyes and be there. Plus, no traffic! Oh and no sweaty, messy hair like with flying. I could see my mom anytime I wanted! Sounds good to me.

2) Necromancy/ Talking with the dead – Necoromancy is the ability to raise the dead. And while I wouldn’t want to create a zombie army or anything, I can’t help but think it would be cool if I could talk to the dead. My favorite paranormal books are ones where the main character can see the dead and has to help them cross over. I don’t know why this is so attractive to me. I’d probably get annoyed really easily. But I still think it would be interesting and just fun.

3) Ice/Fire Powers – When it comes to elemental powers I’m pretty torn between Fire and Ice. Which is odd because they are in direct contrast to each other. I just can see myself getting super mad and setting everything on fire. So maybe not the best power for me to have but one that is cool nonetheless.

4) Retocognition – This is the ability to pick up on an indivisual’s past/history by simply touching an object of their’s. I think this would come in handy with detective work. And honestly just be so freaking interesting. Like think of all the things you could learn?

5) Telekinesis – This is the ability to move things with you mind. Think about it. You left your lunch at home so you concentrate on your lunch and it comes to you at work. You forgot to lock your car, so you concentrate and the car locks itself! How awesome would this power be!

Magical Powers I Would NOT Want To Have

1) Telepathy – Despite the other powers I mentioned having to do with the mind, I have no desire to be able to read minds. I have already struggled through years of bad self esteem and paranoia due to my mental health. I don’t need to even tempt myself back down that path. Hard Pass.

2) Clairvoyance – Another power involving the mind that I’m glad I don’t have. People with this power tend to be abused by those in political power. Also, it would destroy me personally to see the future and not be able to understand it or do anything about it.

3) Invisibility – I just have no desire to be invisible. There’s no where I want to go that I shouldn’t be. And if I had this power I’d want other powers to accompany it. Basically all you can do is listen in on other’s conversations. Which again leads back me saying Nope, I’m good.

4) Persausion – This power leads to corruption. Telling people what to do and they must follow. I wouldn’t want to accidentally cause someone harm. And also my mind would have to touch theirs in order to use this power. And that just makes me feel icky.

5) Shape Shifter – My reasoning for this is because I’m a big baby. I hate pain. And I have no desire to have my bones break as I turn into a wolf, or whatever creature I’ve chosen. I don’t want to turn into other people because…um creepy! So this ability is kinda on the outs for me. Sorry Tessa.

A Magical Power I Almost Have

Empathy – Being an Empath is when you touch someone and feel their emotions. All through my childhood I felt things stronger than those around me. My mom and I both are bad about picking up on the emotions of those closest to us and somehow making them our own. If a friend is sad because her parents got divorced I am suddenly distraught. And not in a drama queen way. But in a “I feel your pain” way. When people around me jubilant I become joyous myself and can’t stop smiling. I’ve always been like that. As someone that works with children this can be good and bad. The’re laughter brings me laughter.  Their warmth and affection kindles my heart. But on Thursdays I work with kids whose parents are attending a group for anyone recovering from anything. These kids are from families of alcoholics, drug addicts, abuse, ect. And when they come in with heavy hearts my heart is also heavy for them. It’s not a power I would wish on anyone. But I’ll say that this outlook on life has made me more compassionate and merciful.

What are some powers you would and wouldn’t want to have? Let me know down in the comments. Have a wickedly great day!

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4 thoughts on “Magical Powers Discussion

  1. Hilary @ SongsWroteMyStory says:

    Teleportation would actually be the greatest thing. Imagine how much travel time you would save as well! I would be all over that power.
    I 100% agree with clairvoyance and telepathy. No thank you. For the first, wouldn’t it just ruin all the fun of life? And for the second, I feel like there are just so many things you wouldn’t want to know, and people wouldn’t want you to know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jolien @ The Fictional Reader says:

    I would pick teleportation every single time. Hello, you’ll never have to pay for travel again? No car or bike necessary, no expensive plain or boat tickets either. Yet you can go anywhere you want. Yes please.

    Also, I would really not want to be able to hear other people’s thoughts. I’m 99% certain that most people’s thoughts aren’t very nice. Whether fleeting and unintentional or not, I’m fairly certain I would never want to hear them.

    Fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

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