Animes I’ve Recently Tried Out

Hello Nerdlings. Today I thought I would chat about anime, along with special guest Justin West (my husband). If you’ve followed my blog for longer than a month I make it decently obvious that I enjoy manga and anime. Last year my husband got a subscription to Crunchyroll and we have been trying out different anime ever since. There are some that we watch by ourselves. (mostly because I’m a big baby and don’t do horror.) And there are some we set aside special time  to watch together.  It’s “our thing”.

I’ve decided to start a series where I just talk about different animes Justin and I have watched recently and my thoughts on them. If you enjoy anime or want to start enjoying it then this is the series for you. Today we’re gonna talk about the first three we watched together on Crunchyroll. Note that all of these are Seinen animes, meaning that they are marketed toward adolescent boys. Japaneese manga and anime are known for having problematic themes when it comes to the way they talk about women, relationships, and gender. It doesn’t happen frequently but it does happen. If this is highly offensive to you then I wouldn’t bother. But if it’s something you can look past and enjoy regardless then here are some animes I recommend.

Anime We Have Enjoyed Recently




What’s It About

Four men are assigned to Nanba, the world’s most formidable prison. Jyugo, a man who attempted to break out of prison and ended up extending his jail time; Uno, a man who likes to gamble with women; Rock, a man who likes to get into fights; and Nico, a man who likes anime. A super exciting action comedy about the daily lives of the prison’s inmates and guards.

Our Thoughts

Sydney : We have only watched about half of the episodes available on Crunchyroll but I thought this anime is hilarious. The guys are very metrosexual, so if that bothers you (as in you think it’s problematic) I’d stay away. But I personally found no problem with the jokes that were made. The art style is all bright neon colors, as you can see from the photo above. Each of the main four characters have big personalities and are always up to something. I was constantly waiting for them to do or say the next silly thing.

Justin:  The love interest between the warden and the captain is hilarious. The serious tone during the tournament fight between the dark haired prisoner and the blind man was very epic and made me want to learn more about the dark haired guy’s dark past about how he got the restraints attached to him that he can’t break. Also each other individual captains from each block were interesting and I hope they delve more into their stories as the series progresses. Finally… GLITTER, GLITTER,GLITTER!!!

Magical Girl Raising Project


What’s It About

Magical Girl Raising Project is a popular social game that has an ability to grant players a 1 in 10,000 chance to become a real life Magical Girl with unique magical abilities to help people. However, at some point, Fav, the magical administrator fairy, decides to cut the population of Magical Girls in half. The game quickly changes into a twisted, wicked battlefield as the 16 magical girls get dragged into a battle for survival against each other.

Our Thoughts

Sydney: First let me give you a trigger warning for blood and murder. If seeing people be attacked and messy deaths totally freaks you out then I do NOT suggest watching this show. This anime starts out feeling a little Sailor Moon-ish. But it quickly turns into something else. It was bloody. It was gruesome. But the story was pretty good. It felt very Hunger Games/ Battle Royale. There were def character deaths that were completely shocking and heart wrenching. 

Justin: It was a good dark story if someone is into that kind of thing. The concept is well thought out. And the ending will give you kind of a like “really? that was the bad guy?” feeling. It is a slow start to with the REAL story but it is good on timing and execution of the plot line. The fan service is a little heavy but its not that bad since the fight scenes, the intensity, and the dark humor covers the fan service very well. (Fan Service is material that is intentionally added to the work of art in order to please the audience.) Hardgore Alice was my favorite character due to her abilities and her way of dying was very clever. The main character, Snow White, was rather boring and whiny to me but the rest of the characters made the show worth it. I thought it was cool they had a boy playing the game and he wasn’t gay. He was just into dressing up. And there was a lesbian couple. I will say, that a) the last few episodes felt kind of rushed and b)I figured out the ending a few episodes before we watched it. It was very, “Battle Royale”.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


What’s It About

Justin: So Dragon Maid is a fantastic Story. It keeps going from episode to episode, making you want to know what is going to happen next, who the dragon maid is, and what is Miss Koboyashi’s issue/past. Its a very heart warming series where fantastical beings leave behind their destructive nature and have peaceful life with humans. The fan service is very very high in this series. But if it wasn’t for the characters and the drive to see their development I wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much. The connection between the dragon and their human counterparts are a perfect combinations of how opposites can attract and stepping out of your safe space with a lending hand is very helpful and shows true kindness. Especially coming from a world of hate, death, destruction, and war. The final battle between the dragon maid and her father was kind of epic. I especially enjoyed when Koboyashi stood up for Thoru against something that can just blink her out of existence. The theme song is very catchy and keeps you entertained. My favorite part, for whatever reason, is the people spinning and the sushi roll being sliced with the hydra type dragon singing. The animation was well taken care of which is rare to see now a days with so much over use in CG animation. It felt like watching Gundam Unicorn minus the CG, Assassination Classroom, or Dragon Ball Super.

I hope you guys enjoyed these mini reviews and maybe found some anime to explore. If you’ve ever seen any of these shows let me know in the comments. Also let me know if you want me to keep reviewing anime I’ve been watching. I hope you have a lovely and animated day!

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