My Favorite Quotes from the A Court Of series

Hello nerdlings! How is your Monday going? Need some coffee? Need some joy and inspiration? Well I am here for it! I recently finished the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. *fangirling* I got to thinking and since the final installment only came out a few weeks ago I didn’t want to do a full on review and risk the possibility of spoilers. Nobody got time for that. Instead I made of list of my favorite quotes from this series that empower me, warm my heart, and a few that are now my life quotes. I’ll list them from least to most favorite!

**Don’t worry about spoilers. None of these quotes deal with specific plot points.**



Hope is a topic that has been romanticized for all of time. But it’s true. We need hope or we give up.



Truth is both a weapon and a healing balm.



This is a prayer that is said to the “Mother of the Cauldron.” And I just thought it was beautiful.



Because what is a lifetime together without going on adventures together.



Important to remember. What makes us human is our ability to empathize and have mercy and compassion.



❤ ❤ ❤



So freakin’ true. We tend to build these YA characters who are all about getting their fight on. And that’s great because you can experience growth when you throw yourself into training. But there are many types of strength. And I would love to see more of this other way of being strong.



Beautiful. The quote itself is kind of over hyped. Hence it finding its way to the middle of this list.



This always makes me think of that song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. I walked down the aisle to that song. This quote def gives me that “awwww” feeling.



When I read this I heard Fight Song playing in my head.



One of my new mantras. I don’t have the time or luxury to spend my life being bitter, vengeful, or ridiculously angry.



How inspiring.



Another new mantra for my life. Only I can decide what hurts me and what destroys my heart and soul. I decide.



This quote really got to me. I need fan art of it and bookmarks with it on there. It went in my journal and I’m sure I’ll keep it with me always.



This is my new life song. It’s written on my heart. My absolute take away from this series.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this quote. Are there any from the series I didn’t mention that you love? Let me know in the comments below. Also let me know if you want me to do this for other series that I’ve read. Maybe the Grisha trilogy or The Mortal Instruments. Just tell me what you guys want. I hope y’all are having a productive Monday!

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