Five Things Friday

t Hello friends. It’s time for another Five Things Friday! I decided to switch up what my five things were this week due to circumstances and the fact that I’m on vacation so some of the things didn’t happen. I thought this would keep it interesting.

1. Pics of the Week

these are wedding photos obviously. I had a great time and even got out on the dance floor. Mostly because my five year old cousin, who was also the flower girl, didn’t give me choice not to dance. Haha.

2. When I wasn’t doing wedding stuff, what was I doing?

– Reading Clockwork Angel which I… did not enjoy. And then Clockwork Prince which I did enjoy.

–  I was at the hospital alot because at 4am the morning of the wedding my grandpa rolled out of bed and broke his hip. He had surgery that morning as well and thankfully was able to come home on Monday. But it has been chaotic and my grandmother is in high velocity intense mode.

– I spent time with my younger cousins. They miss me a lot now that I’ve moved to Texas so I made sure to set aside time to play with them.  I’m the master of Barbie and Lego building.

– I spent a lot of quality time with my mom and dad. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always been very close to them.

– I watched movies. I’m doing a certain tag in a few weeks and wanted to make sure I’d seen all of the movies mentioned. I’m also trying to create MY OWN tag involving underrated animated movies. (P.S. if anyone is interested in helping me with this then feel free to comment down below.)

3. Movies I Watched This Week

– Castle In The Sky

Loved this movie. Watched it with my dad at lunchtime. Serious yet heartfelt.

– My Neighbor Totoro

OMG! Why did I put off watching this movie?!?! LOVED IT!

– Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki had me cracking up. I get her.

-Spirited Away

Super cute and a good solid movie

– When Marnie Was Here

A rather sad anime. But I did enjoy it.

– Quest for Camelot

I hadn’t watched this in a long time. Excellent movie.

4. Things that made my heart happy this week

– Seeing my brother’s face when his girl started walking down the aisle. And their first dance. Both events had me in tears.

– Watching movies with my dad. It wasn’t like a big deal event. Just time spent with my dad.

– The night before the wedding I was put on babysitting duty for my cousin, the flower girl. She told me she had always wanted a cousins sleepover and was so excited to spend the night with me.

5. Looking Ahead

While I’ve had a lovely time with my family, I can’t deny that I miss my husband and I’m ready to be home in my own bed.

I hope all of you guys are having a fantastic Friday. Let me know in the comments what are some things that made your heart happy this week.

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13 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Aww this is so lovely! Congrats to your brother and his new wife too! And sooo cute you spent time with your little cousins. I have some preschooler nephew/nieces and they are ajfdklsa adorable and it’s so fun to play with them. ❤ Also I'm glad you enjoyed Clockwork Prince! I LOVE THAT SERIES. I'm re-reading Lady Midnight now and loving it even more the second time. 😍


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