New to Me Female Marvel Ladies

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’m really into Marvel comics. For my husband and I its “our thing”. We frequent an indie comic book and game store nearby on a biweekly basis. Currently my husband is catching up on the newish line of X-Men and Iron Man comics. And I have been on the hunt for some new badass and lovable lady heroes. Today I am going to talk about six different single issue comics featuring female superheroes  that I tried out for the first time. Most of them aren’t new to the scene. But this was my first experience with them. And as most of them don’t have their own movies I thought you might like to hear about them so you can check these girls out for yourself.

1. America


This series features the second Miss America. America was raised by her two mothers in the Utopian Parallel, a reality not in Earth’s timeline. She has inherited or absorbed her powers from a magical presence that was also in the Parallel. Her powers are flight, durability, super human strength, speed, and inter reality transportation. In this issue, when we pick up with America, she is tired of all the time she has to put in with S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Ultimates so she decides to go to college in order to better herself. From just this one issue I can tell that America is a no nonsense girl who knows exactly what she is after. She jumps into situations with listening to directions or those around her. Even her own friends.  I enjoyed the references to other well known super heroes within the Marvel universe. And I enjoyed seeing America start college. This comic pretty diverse which also gave it a pleasurable aspect. America was raised by lesbian mothers and is a lesbian herself. She was in a relationship at the beginning of this issue and the writer didn’t shy away from showing their relationship. She is also a WOC which was cool to see. Not just a bunch of white people saving the day. I think it really helped that America is written by a woman, Gabby Rivera. Gabby is actually a critically-acclaimed YA author which I think is pretty awesome.  I’m excited to read more of this series and see where America is headed.

2. Invincible Iron Man: Riri Williams is Ironheart


This is issue # 1 of Ironheart. A new Iron Age begins!  Riri Williams was just getting used to the fact that Tony Stark knew her name and wanted to get to know her better. And now he’s dead and has left her his suit. While Riri is a certified super-genius and comes with the mandatory superhero tragic backstory, she doesn’t know if she is ready to put on the suit and save the world. In this issue she starts out by trying to save a small town in Wyoming from the evil Animax. For her first time doing the superhero thing it doesn’t go half bad but she realizes she is gonna need an A.I. if she is going to continue doning the suit. Lucky for her, before his death Tony Stark  downloaded his self into a digital frame to then had himself mailed to her.  This issue was pretty cool. It was interesting to see how Riri’s parents dealt with their daughter being a super genius, and how their parenting affected their daughter. I liked that Riri wasn’t instantly amazing at using the suit to defeat villians. Her first experience was messy and she wasn’t overly sure of herself. I think it’ll be interesting to watch this lady grow in her knowledge and abilities. Unfortunately, despite Riri being black, the author Brian Michael Bendis is neither a person of color or a woman.  I will probably try the next few issues.

3. Gamora


Before Gamora was a Guardian of the Galaxy she was an assassin-in training and ward of the insane titan Thanos. After being orphaned as a child Thanos raised Gamora to be the ultimate killing machine and feel no mercy or guilt. I was pretty excited to read this based solely on my love for Guardians of the Galaxy. However this wasn’t the best first issue I have ever read. I liked seeing Gamora interact with Thanos and Nebula. Their family is dysfunctional with a capitol D. But plot wise I felt like the story was all over the map. It kept switching around where the story was taking place like mid-thought. And Gamora’s reasoning behind her actions was a little lacking. I think there is some definite potential though with this character and story arc. I might try for issues three and two to see if it gets better.

4. Hulk: Deconstructed


Jennifer Walters has survived the second civil war. But barely. She received critical wounds from Thanos that landed her in a coma. When she finally wakes up she learns that her cousin the Hulk was executed by Hawkeye. She is no longer She-Hulk but THE Hulk. I thought it was really cool how this story arc is exploring PTSD. Even super heroes have to deal with trauma. I love Jen as a character. She is messy, hates small talk, and rolls her eyes at her ignorant coworkers. She is undeniably human. I love how she takes her job as a lawyer seriously and genuinely wants to help people. I will most likely be continuing with this series as well.

5. The Unstoppable Wasp


Girl Genius Nadia Pym, daughter of Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man, has spent her entire life in the Red Room. But once she figured out to replicate her father’s life work she created her own suit and decided to spread those wings. She arrives in New York a few months after her father has died. But she isn’t gonna let bad news stop her from doing her best and saving the world. So I adore Nadia. She is upbeat, super smart, and hilarious. She is all about science and smart women in the field. She wants to create a group called Girl Geniuses. Like yes please! Nadia is a feminist and I love it. She might be a little behind when it comes to entertainment and social concepts. But she knows science and she knows herself. That’s what matters. This issue also features guest appearance’s by Ms.Marvel and Mockingbird which was neat. I will definitely be continuing this series.

6. The U.S.Avengers


This is an American- themed team of Avengers that features the heroes Citizen V, Squirrel Girl, Red Hulk, Cannonball, Iron Patriot and Enigma. There was a whole lot of story set up in this issue. Each character is given an introduction spiel and backstory of how the group came together is explained. In the midst of this intros a group of evil doers are trying to take over the United States, starting with blowing up California. While there were moments where it seemed like a lot was going on I did feel like the story was cohesive and did a good job introducing the story. It was a good first issue and I think this new team is pretty cool. I especially like Iron Patriot. Her attitude and story line just drew me to her. Hopefully I’ll be able to read the rest of this arc.

Well I hope I introduced you to some new female super heroes. If you’re looking for some females that can kick butt then look no further. Let me know in the comments down below if you’re interested in any of these newer leading ladies. I hope you have a marvelous day!

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4 thoughts on “New to Me Female Marvel Ladies

  1. Holly says:

    Ahhhh there’s a Gamora series?!?!?! I just watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and she’s one of my absolute favorite characters!! This is an awesome post– I learned so much! 🙂

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