The Guardians of the Galaxy book tag

Hello my bookish friends. Today is Thursday Tag day for me. And what tag would I find it important to other than The Guardians of the Galaxy Tag! This tag was created by the lovely G-Swizzle Books. I’m doing it today because Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came out on May 5th. And My husband and I went to see it Tuesday! Guardians of the Galaxy, well and Marvel in general, are our thing. So I thought I’d do this tag to help me express my excitement.


1. Star Lord – An Unlikely Hero

I’m gonna go with Lila Bard from the Darker Shade of Magic series. She’s a thief and a pirate. She really isn’t your typical hero/chosen one. And I love her all the more for it.


2. Gamora – A Lethal Weapon of a Character

I’ll go with an obvious one and say Feyre in ACOMAF. After she turns into a High Fey she is freakin’ awesome. Like all those powers she “stole” are pretty kick butt. I’m a fan.


3. Drax the Destroyer – An Unpredictable Character

Domino in Violet Grenade.  People tend to under estimate her. But she can be a wild card. This is because she has Disociative Identity Disorder. When her life becomes too painful or when her friends are being abused she can’t help but “release” Wilson. And Wilson is volatile and goes for the attack every time.


4. Rocket Racoon – A Character with Killer Strategies

Iseult from Truthwitch. Safi states in one of the first few paragraphs that Isuelt is the planner and Safi is the one who goes straight in with her heart ready to punch. Isuelt plans their schemes many times in the book and I’m sure will continue to throughout the series.


5. Groot – A Bad Ass Character with a Big Heart

I’m going with Batgirl. I used to think Batgirl was kind of a lame character. But the more I read the comics the more I’m coming around to her. She has fighting skills, street smarts, and is a computer hacker genius. And she genuinely cares for her city and it’s inhabitants.


6. Mantis – A Friendly and Powerful Side Character

I choose Helene from An Ember In The Ashes. She is number 2 or 3 in her class. She can fight like nobody’s business. She is loyal to the point of sacrificing her needs for the greater good. I’d say she is pretty powerful.


7. Nebula – A Character That Puts Their Mission Before Their Family

Jasper from The Glittering Court. The only thing he cared about was his business. Not the girls’ safety, not the government, and certainly not his own son. It was kinda off putting about him to be honest.


8. Yondu – The Annoying Character That You Cannot Help But Love

Conon Edogawa, from the manga Case Closed, has that typical Sherlockian “I know everything” attitude. That is especially annoying once he is turned into a little kid. Like I would never want to meet this kid. But he is fun to read about and you can’t help but hope he finds the bad guy every time.

Well guys that was the Guardians of the Galaxy book tag. Comment down below and let me know one annoying character you cannot help but love. Hope you guys have a great day!

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11 thoughts on “The Guardians of the Galaxy book tag

  1. ACourtOfBooksAndLove says:

    Great tag! I was going to do it but I don’t think I will just yet. I haven’t read enough books with characters that fit this yet! But awesome post. You made me even more excited to read Violet Grenade.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bibliopathictendencies says:

    How fun! I’m taking my dad to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 next weekend! I love your choice of Helene for number six. (: She’s definitely my favorite character in that series, which was why I was so excited for her perspective in A Torch Against the Night. Hoping for more in the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Holly says:

    I definitely have to agree with you about Yondu– that character development was amazing, though! My opinion basically did a 180 turn about him and by the end I was rooting for him 100%. His friendship with Rocket is also AMAZING ❤ Awesome tag!


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