Monthly Recommendations

It’s that time again. Time for month recommendations. Monthly Recommendations is a group started by Trina from the youtube channel Between Chapters and and Kayla Rayne from the channel Kayla Rayne. They have a Goodreads group you can find here for topics and such. This month’s topic is Big Books. To be specific, books over 500 pages.  I haven’t read many big books because I tend to shy away from them. But I found a few.

This first set is all by the same author


Ellen Hopkins tends to tell her stories in 450+ plages. But reading them always goes by quickly for me due to their format. They’re each written in poetry format but still read like a normal YA book. They are easy to read and understand. Yet they cover very serious and sensitive topics. Identical totally freaked me out.  These are 5 of my favorites that she has written.

Crank is a fictionalization of what Hopkin’s own daughter went through with her drug addiction.

Impulse is about three kids inside of a psychiatric hospital.

Burned is about a girl raised in an abusive religious home who is sent to live with her aunt.

Identical is about twin sisters and their struggle with their picture perfect family that is actually coming apart at the seams.

Tricks is about five people who are affected by the words “I Love You” and how their lives intertwine.

The next two recommendations are technically multiple books in a bind up. But I read both of them as one book each. So I’m recommending them anyway!


These are both older YA books that I loved as a teenager. Christopher Pike’s writing is similar to R.L. Stines in that creepy but cooky silly horror movie type way. And I personally enjoyed L.J. Smith’s Dark Visions more than I did her Vampire Diaries series.

Remember Me by Christopher Pike is about a girl who a) is a ghotst and b) sees her dead body on the concrete below her but knows that she didn’t jump. So she sets off to find her killer.

Dark Visions by L. J. Smith is about a group of kids with a variety of gifts/powers. It’s typical paranormal YA but I enjoyed it as a teen.

This last set are just regular old big books.

Angel by L.A. Weatherly is about a world where angels live among us and are dangerous. I girl with angel blood meets an angel hunter and they try to save the world.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer is about Aliens that inhabit earthlings bodies. Specifically one alien and her human host who is fighting with everything she has to remain in control.

Love, Rose by Cecelia Ahern is about two childhood friends who continually miss life’s opportunities to be together but remain faithful pen pals.

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory is about the famous Anne Boleyn’s sister Mary.  Anne was married to Henry the 8th and eventually beheaded. But her sister has her own story to tell.

If you like big books and you cannot lie then I hope you found something interesting here. Let me know down the comments your favorite big book. Hope you have a wonderfully nerdy day!

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Recommendations

      1. ashley says:

        Lord of the Rings is technically one book, not three separate. When you read the volumes separated, volume two (The Two Towers) doesn’t start at page one, and neither does Return of the King.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Jovita says:

    My daughter read Crank and liked it, I will have to pick up some of the other books you listed by Ellen Hopkins, she may like those as well. I’ve been wanting to read The Other Boleyn Girl, maybe soon. Thank you for sharing your big book list.

    Liked by 1 person

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