Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read

Hello my bookish nerdlings. It is another Tuesday so I am here with another Top Ten Tuesday. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic is the most unique books I’ve read. I decided to do a mixture of unique topics and unique formats. So without further adieu  here we go.

1.  Illuminae / Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman



This book is told through emails, transcripts, business documents, and other cool media. I had never read a book in this format until this book and thought it was a very interesting way to story tell. I still need to read book 2 but I’m pretty excited about it. Illuminae is about about Kady  and Ezra. They break up the morning that their planet is invaded. The story takes off on a space adventure with an AI that has taken control of it’s ship and is putting his crew in danger. I don’t even like science fiction that much but I loved this book.

2. Crank by Ellen Hopkins



Ellen Hopkins’ books are all written in poetry format. That sounds terrible. But it’s actually not. It reads like any normal story would read. It’s not like most poetry where you have to infer things and look into the symbolism. The poetry style allows for line breaks and for the reader to read the sentences in a few different ways.  In the photo below is a picture of a page from Perfect by Ellen Hopkins. You can read it like normal then read down the right hand side and read ” No. It. Wasn’t” . I love her books and really this style of writing.

I chose Crank because it was her first novel and probably my first time reading in this format. Crank is about Kristina and her relationship with the drug Meth. In a fictional retelling of Hopkins’ own son’s story she explores the side effects of using drugs to calm the quiet and how  monstrous those repercussions can be.


3. Love Letters To The Dead by Ava Delaira



Almost everyone has read an epistolary novel at least once in their life. For most of us this was when we were forced to read Diary of Anne Frank in school. And to be honest I love books that tell their story through diary entries and letters. I thought this one was unique because it’s letter’s to famous dead people. Laurel has to do a school project where she writes a letter to a dead person. She chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister May loved him. See her sister recently committed suicide and Laurel is struggling to understand her decsion. What starts out as one letter turns into hundreds, and to other dead celebrities, as Laurel works through her grief. This book is a beautiful discussion of suicide and I highly recommend it.

4. You by Caroline Kepnes



You is about Joe and his obsession with a customer he meets at the bookstore he works at. You is unique because it’s not only written from the antogonist’s perspective but it’s written in second person. The entire time Joe is saying things like “I watch you outside your window” or “You are so beautiful in your underwear”. It get’s a little creepy and totally sucks you into his way of thinking. I found myself thinking “Oh please kill her!” then would stop and be like, “wait… no, NO!” This book is a great thriller but I suggest if you’re easily freaked out that you skip this one.

5. Rooms by Lauren Oliver



This is a family drama about a bitter ex wife who goes to pack up her ex’s house when he suddenly dies. The thing that makes it unique is that it’s told by the ghosts of two former tenants. They are part of the house and feel it’s aches and pains. They flashback to past lives and gossip constantly about the new family coming to pack the house up. It wasn’t the best book by any means. But I did think that it was interesting to get the POV of the house. Giving a voice to an inanimate object was an intriguing choice and worth the read for me.

6. Maybe Someday



This is the story of Sydney and Rhys. Sydney moves in with musician Rhys when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend and roomate. Rhys is in a relationship and thus unavailable. It’s got a lot of romantic tension is an easy read. It’s told through duel POV which isn’t interesting. But Hoover worked with an indie artist to create the music that Rhys and Sydney are working on. There is a whole playlist available online and at iTunes that goes right along with the book. I thought the added music aspect was what made the book special.

7. Geekerella by Ashley Poston



This is a modern day retelling of Cinderella. Not so interesting. What makes this book amazing is that it’s basically a love story to anyone who has ever been a fan of anything. Poston name drops a multitude of fandoms while spreading the message that online friends are real friends. Geekerella spreads this feeling that we all belong and it’s ok to be who you are. As a fangirl it was so wonderful to read a book that talks about this in a positive and encouraging way. I highly highly recommend you pick this up.

8. Roomies by Sara Zarr



Roomies is about Lauren and Elizabeth, two girls from different sides of the country, who find out they will be roommates their first year of college and begin emailing each other. It’s utilizes both internal monologue and the e-mail exchanges. What I thought was unique was just the exploration of the feelings college freshman have as they navigate that place between living at home with their well known surrounds and the new life they begin when they live on their own for the first time. It isn’t always easy making friends and when you do it’s hard sometimes to cross friendship groups. We get so used to what we know that change becomes something we wearily reach out for. This book was so relatable and I loved it.

9. Chew by John Laymen



Tony Chu is a detective with a secret. A weird secret. Tony Chu is Cibopathic, which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats.

This story was freaking cool. Tony’s ability helps him solve crime for a special division of the FBI. This whole world is full of people with food-related magical powers. It’s so unique and the mystery really sucks you in as you try and figure out why the government outlawed chicken. I loved every volume of this graphic novel series.


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read

  1. Greg Hill says:

    Illuminae/ Gemina- so true! I just finished Gemina and LOVED it. Amazing. Love LEtters to the Dead and Geekerella sound really good too. I like that so many YA books are not only entertaining but they make you think or address serious issue too.

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