Five Things Friday

Hey nerdlings! Its time for another Five Things Friday. FTF is a meme I borrowed from Kimberly Faye Reads.  I thought it was cool so I started doing it.

1) New to Queue


2) Favorite of the Week

I’ve read/ am reading some great stuff this week. I am currently reading THUG. From the first page I knew I’d like this book. I also just finished ACOMAF and my friends… the hype is deserved. I loved this book. I am not posting a full review on it because basically everyone has read it or plans to. But I have a discussion post about certain issues from the book coming soon.

3) When I wasn’t reading

At the beginning of the week I had some issues with my depression and narcolepsy so I spent a lot of time just lying in bed. But by Wednesday I was feeling better and productive. I went to the library this week. I did some cat snuggling  while I watched a few episodes of How to Get Away with Murder. (I’m OBSESSED). I also started exercising again. Just 30 minutes of walking a day. But its improved my mood and helped me get out of my head space.

4) Pic of the Week

I couldn’t pick just one!!


source: Apolar


source: Bookbub

5) Looking Ahead

I’m officially counting down the days till I head to GA for my brother’s wedding. I cannot wait to see my family for a whole ten days.

In the immediate future, my husband and I are going out on Saturday for out bimonthly date.  First we are going to upgrade my iPhone which I am pretty excited about. Mostly because I’m getting one with 256 GB so I can use it as my iPod as well as phone ect. See I have one of those 180 GB iPods and it’s more than halfway filled up. So yeah, it’ll be nice to only have one device.

After the phone upgrade we are going to this indie theater to see Your Name in theater. Its an anime movie that came out last year in Japan and won all kinds of awards. I’m so excited to see it in a theater though. It’s gonna be great!

Let me know in the comments what you are looking forward and/or your favorite book this week. I hope you have a wonderfully bookish weekend!

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