My Coloring Collection

I love coloring books. I love the the beautiful designs. I love the way it feels to use your markers and fill in the white space. I love sharing my finished works of art with penpals. I’ve been been “crafty” since I was very young. When I was a freshman in college (2007, before adult coloring books were a thing) I would get the cheap coloring books from the Dollar Tree, color all the pages, then tear them out and put them on random people’s cars with encouraging phrases written on each page. I’m.. odd like that. But I just enjoyed coloring and sharing my positive energy. So today I thought I would show you my collection of adult coloring books.


That’s a lot right? Yeah I might have a problem.


These are my Christmas ones.


These are patterns like paisleys, mandalas, ect


These are all Zentangles. The one in the middle can be used with watercolor pencils. 🙂


These are children’s coloring books, meaning the deigns are big.


These two are from Micheals. As you can see, one is ocean themed and one is quotes.


These are all animal related.


These two are based off books/movies. I actually don’t know if I want to color this set or just collect them.


And these are all my faith based coloring books.

The ones I use the most are Whatever is Lovely, Hope, and Mindfulness. Though I do use the others. It’s a pretty great stress reliever.

Do you guys color? Do you have a collection of adult coloring books? Comment down below and let me know! I hope you’re having a great day!

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