OTP book tag

Well it’s February and Valentines Day just happened so I thought I would do the OTP book tag. I was not tagged to do this, I just thought it would be fun. Let’s get into the romance.

An Unpopular OTP that you ship


I ship Kylie with Daniel. I think I’ve mentioned before that I got seriously mad when she started dating Lucas. I know Daniel is the best friend type character. But I liked him so much better.

An OTP that you didn’t ship but now you do

Going with some oldies but goodies. I shipped Bella with Jacob for books 1 and 2. But then book 3 happened and Jacob basically forced himself on Bella. It was annoying and not cool. As for TMI, I didn’t like Clary and Jace as a couple. But then I realized that they are both so annoying and headstrong that they deserve each other.

Most Hated NOtp


I do not and cannot ship Kostos with Lena. He burned her, and I do not forgive him. But I do love this series.

OTP that took wayy to long to get together


While I love this series, I hate that Stephanie switches between Ranger and Morelli like every third book. I want her to pick one and stop this mess. They are both hot and lovable. But the switching is NOT lovable.

Favorite Non Canon Ship

Two answers for this and one is a tv show. (CHEATER)  First I shipped Alina with Nikolai. And it never happened. AGH! Also I shipped Rory with Marty (pre season seven). It made me so upset when he confessed his love and she is all “But I like Logan…” facepalms

Favorite BROtp

so I realized that I don’t read many books with Brotps. Sistps yes, and Boy girltps, yes. But not Bro. So I’m cheating and using a television show.


Damon and Alaric from The Vampire Diaries really are my favorite Bromance. Alarics death was one of the few that I actually cried about.

OTP you loved in the books but not so much in the movie


Ok hear me out. I like reading Nicholas Sparks. Or I used to. And I loved this book. But the movie casts Zac Efron with this very adult looking lady. I watched Zac Efron in high school musical and Hairspray. To me he is always a teen/young adult and seeing him with somone who looked many years his senior was just awkward for this story. I wasn’t into it.

Popular OTP that you just aren’t into


Let the hate begin. I don’t like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Max. They seem so superficial. Maybe that’s because I haven’t finished it. But I don’t know, they weren’t my favorite.



Mal and Molly. I love reading about them and seeing their relationship progress.

All Time Favorite OTPs


  • Me and Nikolai (Seige and Storm)
  • Dimitri and Rose (The Vampire Acadamy)
  • America and Maxon (The Selection)
  • Catwoman and Batman (Batman Hush)
  • Jared and Kami ( Unspoken)

I hope you guys enjoyed this Tag. If you have any unpopular OTPS or popular OTPS that you hate, let me know in the comments down below. I’d love to chat with you about it. Hope you’re having a lovely day!

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