Grisha Trilogy Review

Hello friends! I am here today to review not one single book but an entire trilogy! After reading Six of Crows back in October (and loving it), I decided I should give in and read the Grisha Trilogy before continuing on with Crooked Kingdom. I had put off reading this trilogy when it was first released. And to be quite honest, I’m not really sure what kept me from picking these beautiful books up. But I finally did and they wowed me. Like new favorite series wowed me. I finished the last book, look up at my husband, and said “I kind of want to start the series over. Like right now.” Yes, it was THAT kind of love. So today I am going to give you 5 reasons to go home and put this series in your most anticipated TBR pile. You know the pile of TBR books you want to get to first.

  • Reason number one you should pick this trilogy up is if you like good world building. Leigh Bardugo spares no detail when describing the world of the Grisha. And not in the overly flowery, takes forever to get to the point way. But in that crisp but enlightening way of describing the area, people,  and landmarks. There is a lovely map provided in the front of the book to help all of us visual learners out there. I highly suggest using it as your compass to figure out where the story is heading. You’ll never want for more information as you delve into this delicious story.
  • The second reason you should read this trilogy is if you like strong female leads. Alina Starkov is just that. She has opinions and feelings about what is happening around her. She won’t hesitate to let you know those feelings and thoughts either. There are two things I love most about Alina. One, she doesn’t find out she’s a grisha and then is suddenly amazing about using her power. No, she struggles and fights to get to the place where she can demonstrate the mightiness of her inner power. And through out the other two books she still takes time to learn more and perfect her skill. It’s all about the growth. Love it! The second thing I love is that she would lay down her life for her friends, grisha family, and Rafka. She is loyal to a fault and it was just beautiful to read about.
  • Thirdly I think you should pick up this trilogy if you like friendships. Many people rave about the friendships in Six of Crows (And they should).But Bardugo wrote about some great friendships in her first series too. Alina is crying out to belong. But she learns that she can’t blindly trust people. Her friends betray her and she shows them mercy. Enemies become her most trusted. In the last book there is a group of grisha that I consider #squadgoals.  Like I would want these guys on my side. There are examples of good friends, bad friends, and medium friends laced throughout this series. Each with their own set of layers to be revealed as time passes.
  • Number four reason you need to put this trilogy on your TBR is the romance. no matter your feelings about The Darkling, Nikolai, or Mal I don’t think you can deny that the romance focused scenes are swoony. Like I’ll be reading about Alina and the male character I didn’t like and my knees still buckle. You get a little flushed and smile. The romantic moments are just written so well. You are never pulled out of the moment by unrealistic storytelling, or unnecessary romance. These moments are timed so well. They’re meaningful. (But Nikolai is mine, stay away!)
  • And the last reason that I want you to read this book is The Darkling. Now he definitely has like a cult following. He knows how to seduce you. And there are whole chunks of the grisha fandom that ship him with Alina and/or with themselves. Whether you are one of those or not there is something about The Darkling that makes his character real and tangible. He does terrible things mind you. But there are layers to him. I am all about a well rounded character. Even and especially so, my villains. They gotta have more to them than just the obvious goal of doing whatever evil end result they are seeking. The Darkling is a villain who has this. It’s revealed slowly throughout the series, but by the end, though his actions aren’t excusable, he is made almost human. We are able to look into his soul.

Rating :


If you’ve never read this trilogy before I highly recommend it. I ended up giving this series an average rating of 4.75. If you have read it, please come fangirl with me in the comments! I hope you guys are having a lovely day!

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5 thoughts on “Grisha Trilogy Review

  1. Pen & Parchment says:

    Love this review!! The Grisha trilogy and Six of Crows duology are my all-time favorite books (I like to jokingly call myself the Grisha Queen 👑😂). Leigh just has such beautiful, in-depth writing, I’ve yet to read a single book that compares to her level of talent. Happy to see that you loved the Grisha trilogy though, sometimes I feel like it gets overlooked as people put so much attention on Six of Crows! 😅❤

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