The Dead Girl’s Society by Michelle Krys


The Dead Girl’s Society


Hope is sick of being treated fragile, breakable, and like she must be protected at all costs. See, she has cystic fibrosis. Hope’s been sick her whole life and she knows the toll it’s taking on those around her. Her medicine is expensive and she will probably die young. But does that mean they have to handle her like she should be wrapped in bubble wrap?When she receives an anonymous email from “The Society” that invites her to take part in some dares for one hundred thousand dollars she jumps at the chance.

“Just remember : Fall the dare and you will be eliminated. Tell anyone about the game, and you will be punished. Cheat in the game and you will be punished. Refuse to play the game, we think you know what happens. Take the challenge, play the game. If you dare”

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My Thoughts

I enjoyed The Dead Girl’s Society from the moment I started reading it. I was actually afraid I wouldn’t like it because I’d been putting down so many books recently. The plot is in no way unique. There are many books out there about dares and being invited to do something dangerous for money. Even the “villian” is pretty obvious towards the very end. The cover is decent but not unremarkable. So why should you read this book? I’ll give you give reasons.

  1. Hope knows and talks about how what she is doing is stupid “like in those horror movies.” She confronts the fact that this is dumb. She does it anyway because she is being smothered and just wants a chance to live. Put in her shoes I can’t say I wouldn’t be seeking thrills as well. I just appreciated that she wasn’t thoughtless, or plain stupid. She knew what she was doing.
  2. It’s diverse, there are people of color, different orientations, and a physical disability in this story.
  3. The secondary characters are actually fleshed out. If this was a regular contemporary I wouldn’t wanted Farrah, Nikki, Hartley, and Lyla to have their own companion stories. They were interesting and I was invested in them.
  4. It’s short. Sometimes you just need a short book to pull you out of a slump or give you a small thrill. This book is 287 pages. Perfect for a quiet and mysterious afternoon.
  5. The writing really keeps you edge the entire time. You can feel the adrenaline pumping. I wanted to cover my eyes at one point, then realized that this was a book and not a movie. The emotion was palpable




I hope you thrill seekers will check this book out. Have a blessed day!

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