The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron



Nadia lives in Canaan, the perfect society. There is no crime, no money, and no technology. The city is surrounded by a giant wall because the outside world is unsafe. The only tragedy in Canaan is that every twelve years the entire town loses all of them memories, leaving them only with the truths they have written in their books. In Canaan, your truth is your identity. The only catch is that Nadia never forgets. She is starting to question the rules about the outside world. She wants to know where they came from and how did Canaan come to be. These questions are starting to get her into trouble with the council.How far is she willing to go to uncover the real truth?

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I was addicted to this story from the moment I opened it. First of all, the cover is beautiful. And it’s one of those hard covers that when you take off the dust jacket, the naked hardback has something beautiful on it too. So score for cover love. However that’s not all. The story had me at walled society where you can’t leave. And not just a walled city, a perfect society. There is always a seedy underbelly and/or a rule breaker. Nadia is our girl because she remembers the city’s actual problems and she is the one trying to bend the laws . Or surpass them really. She never came across as boring or lacking. I was eager to see where the story was headed. Grant as her male counterpart wasn’t super intriguing but he was very likable in that charming your pants off kind of way.

I really didn’t see the direction this book was going in. I thought it was one genre and then the reveal happened and it turned out I was way off. Despite figuring out the villain early on, I remained dedicated to figuring out not just why, but what her end game was for keeping the citizens inside the walls. In most Utopia’s it’s about control. But I think this went deeper than trying to tighten the reigns of control and keep everyone in line. I enjoyed that the villain was two dimensional with typical aspirations. I hate when villains are boring like that.

Over all the Forgetting kept my attention held the entire time. I read it over the course of 2 days. I devoured the ending. Like it took everything in me to read every single word. Haha. But I did, and here I am. I would recommend this story to people who like chosen one stories. Also to those who like Utopian and Dystopian stories.



I hope you guys enjoyed this review and have a wonderful day. Let me know if you’ve read this , in the comments, and we will chat! I’ll ttyl!

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