Buddy Reading

I thought I would discuss buddy reading today. Buddy reading is when you and 1+ friends decide to read the same book together and talk about it along the way. Its like having a book club between two people. But unlike book club, many buddy readers, stop every few chapters and talk about what’s happening in the book. I’ve done buddy reads before with my friend Tina. We pick a book we both want to read and then agree to call each other when we get to a certain spot. It’s a lot of fun. This year I’m hoping to do more buddy reading. I am trying to find more friends willing to read with me. It’s one of my bookish resolutions. In that train of thought,  I thought I would give you 5 reasons to buddy with someone.

  1. Encouragement – Having someone who will consistently be asking you about your reading can be very helpful. Sometimes its the push you need to read certain books on your shelf. Other times it’s just nice to have someone reminding you to read a certain section. It’s accountability in a positive way that inspires you to read further and understand better.
  2. Discussions – How many times have you read a good book and then had no one to talk about it with? This happens to me a lot! Or if they did read it, it was over a year ago and they don’t remember that one moment in the spaceship where your favorite OTP made out on the cans of greenbeans. Nope! Its so enjoyable to have someone reading the same thing as you, at the same time as you just so you have a friend to talk about your book with.
  3. Enlightenment – Speaking of discussions, having an extra person read the same material as you means having another brain absorbing the reading. This is good because we are all different people. We all respond differently to different moments. Having a friend who thinks different from yourself can offer up some unique interpretations of your book. YAY for learning.
  4. Friendship – Whether you have known your “buddy” for years or you just recently met, buddy reading builds friendships. You get to see a tiny part of the other person that isn’t always seen every day. You have an experience that is yours as friends. You’ll learn about the other person. And who doesn’t love friendship?
  5. Fun – Cop out answer, but it’s true. It’s obviously fun to read. It’s fun to have someone to bug about getting their reading done. It’s fun to have inside jokes about fictional characters. It’s fun to talk about how a book made you feel or changed you. Thus, buddy reading is fun.



11 thoughts on “Buddy Reading

  1. Katy Sauer says:

    I used to buddy read a lot with my mom as a teenager, something I’d love to do more of now. I’ve not really called it that and hadn’t thought about branching out and finding others to do the same thing with. Awesome idea!

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  2. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight says:

    I am terrible at buddy reading haha. My buddy and I can never get our acts together (I assume this is because of me, since it happens regardless of who the buddy in question is). Then, if by some miracle we DO, one of us ends up just reading the whole thing and not waiting for the other. Oops? BUT then at least we know that the other WILL finish it and we can discuss it. You are so right, it is SO great to be able to talk to someone about it- spoilers and all- without worrying about giving stuff away, or forgetting it, etc. Love this post!


  3. TeacherofYA says:

    I haven’t done many bc so many people are reading diff things at the same time, but a couple bloggers and I on Twitter decided to reread the HP series since some of us have never finished it or it’s been awhile…so in Feb we are starting and it should be fun…I think there’s five of us (Megan, Tiff, Jas, Sammi, Jodi, and me)…so five plus me, so that’s six! Lol. It should be fun!!

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