A New Year, A New Book Tag

1. How many books have you read last year? Thoughts about your accomplishment?

Good reads says I read 155 books. But keep in mind I logged in picture books, graphic novels, and manga.  Plus I don’t have a full time job. So don’t feel bad. I feel kinda whatever about it. I’m not through the moon and I’m not beating myself up. Because honestly who needs the bruises. But seriously I’m glad for the most part my mental and physical health didn’t stop me from reading things I enjoyed.

2. What was your biggest regret on reading/ as a reader last year?

That I never joined a read-a-thon. I was so intimated by the thought of reading 7 books in 7 days. I also wish I’d started my blog sooner. About three years ago when thinking about job stuff, I was asked what I enjoy. I told my friend I liked cats and reading and I didn’t think that was a job. And it’s not a paying job. But I love reading. Talking about books is something I love to do. I wish I’d shared my passion sooner.

3. What are you most thankful for that happened to you as a reader last year

I discovered manga. I was adamantly against it when I was younger due to reasons. They were good. *looks shiftily at the floor* But my husband got me reading them this year and I won’t go back.

4. How many books are you planning to read this year?

I didn’t want to be # oriented as much with good reads this year. You never know when I’m gonna have a weird moon that will ruin reading for a month at a time. It’s happened. So I said 50 which covers the 25% of my unread books on my bookshelves.

5. What are your goals in 2016 as a reader?

Thank you for asking. Why don’t you stop by my post about that.

New Years Resolutions

6. What is your biggest bookish dream, that you wish to happen this year?

That I would make bookish friends. People to talk to regularly. I don’t care about the numbers. I want quality not quantity.

7. If you’ll wake up after celebrating the new year into a fictional place and you’ll have to spend your entire 2017 there, what fictional place would it be? Who are the two fictional characters would you want to spend your 2017 with?

This is so hard because I love fantasy. But most fantasy worlds are dangerous AF. I’d say Stars Hollows,  and Lorelai and Rory. Not a book but it is fictional. 🙂


Well I hope you guys enjoyed this tag. Answer question number seven down below for me. I’ll see y’all in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Book Tag

  1. lindseyhabets says:

    Such a fun tag! I totally relate to nr 6 – bookish friends are really the best part if book blogging. And I love your answer to nr 7! I maybe wouldn’t have thought about it, but Stars Hollow with Lorelai and Rory would be a great place to spend a year ❤ Though I guess that the Harry Potter Wizarding World wouldn't be so bad either 🙂


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