Top 16 Couples of 2016

Good morning/afternoon/night to all! I hope you are doing so very well. Today’s top 16 of 2016 is Favorite Couples.  Let the love begin.

16. Eight and Barrie


Barrie and Eight (yes that’s his name) were so cute together. In fact I struggled getting through the third book because Eight was acting dumb about their relationship. I wasn’t interested in the plot, I wanted Barrie and Eight to make up.

15. Simon and Isobel


So I kinda hate Simon. I’ve only read 5 books but that’s my stance. But I really like Isobel. She is so kick ass. And her and Simon together are interesting. She is vulnerable with him and I like that.

14. Kestral and Arin


Another series where I shipped the couple more than the plot. Arin and Kestral have this hate to love thing happening and it’s great. Seeing them grow in friendship and realize they care more about each other than they want to admit.

13. Sloan and Tru


Tru and Sloane are awesome because they are the most realistic couple. They don’t love each other after a day. They fall for each other slowly and through everyday activities. And to make it better they are both flawed. So it’s not this perfect romance with the ONE. Nope just your average high school romance.

12. Eadlyn and Kile ( spoiler alerts!! )


I admit it, I was addicted to the selection. I wasn’t over the moon about the last two books but they weren’t bad. What made me made was who Eadlyn ended up with. I shipped her with Kile the entire time. And I didn’t mind Eriko but there was NO developement. Another rant for another day.

11. Daisy and Kaoru


Precious couple that I’ve enjoyed seeing quietly and slowly build this awesome friendship that is blossoming into something else.

10. Cress and Thorne


My favorite couple in this series hands down! Nothing beats Thorne and Cress. *Swoons*

9. Nina and Matthias


Nina is my queen. And Matthias with her are perfection. She is so witty and quick with her comebacks. And he just feels betrayed. I can’t wait to read the next book to see where they are headed.

8. Inuyasha and Kagome


Inuyasha is obsessed with Kagome’s look alike. But he starts to build feelings for Kagome herself. He’s protective of her but not controlling. He likes talking to her. I just want to hug them both and set them free to be together.

7. Samantha and Jase


I thought Samantha and Jase were a good example of how relationships should be. They were respectful of each other, were kind to one another, and had a intense love that I could read about over and over again.

6. Samantha and Zain


Sammie and Zain were too cute. They were awkward around each other. Their families pitted them against one another. Yet they still found a way to get to know the other one and fall into a sweet love.

5. Kady and Aiden


I’ll probably get kicked for this but I shipped Kady with Aiden. I know he was crazy AND a robot. But he was trying so hard to understand people and couldn’t. He was flawed. He tried to use sarcasm with her. I just… my heart is breaking.. why can’t he be real!!

4.Em and Casimer


Em and Casimir are are typical YA fantasy but I love them regardless. She is a princess who infiltrated her enemies country as the princess from a different country soon to wed Prince Casimir. But here’s the thing, she actually falls for him. So hard that she starts questioning the war between the two and whether either was in the right.

3. The Darkling and Alina


Look I know what happens because I was spoiled. But I will always ship Darklina. That are my swooniest romance this year. I just love them so much.

2. Batman and Catwomen


In this volume of comics Batman and Catwomen get together. And I have to say, I’m a fan. They were hott. *waves fan* I need to read more comics where they are together.

1. Meira/Theron/Mather


So kill me I didn’t pick just one guy. I’ve only read book one. But for once in my life I couldn’t chose who I liked best. Both guys were precious cinnamon rolls and I need them in my life. Plus Meira is fantastic. This entire book make my heart swell and then burst.

Well y’all these were my favorite couples from 2016. Comment down below and let me know one or two of your favorite couples. Hope you’re having a good day. Later!

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