Top 16 Covers of 2016

Merry day after the explosion of wrapping paper to you!! Today’s top 16 of 2016 is all about the best covers. I tried to split them into groups. We’ll see how well this I am at grouping.

So this first set had intriguing background details. Maybe not scenes, but they were fitting for their book and plus they used great colors.

16. The Glass Arrow


It’s all teal and has an arrow. I love arrows… I should throw that out there. And teal is my 2nd favorite color. I started reading this, got to 50% ish and my husband asked me to put it down because I was so anxious I was trembling. Probably a good thing but the book was so good!

15. Legacy of Kings


Similar to the above, there’s a sword! And it’s on my absolute favorite color, purple.Plus this book I did finish and it was amazing!

The Next set of books have back ground scenes going on it and I thought they were fitting and so cool.

14. A Study in Charlotte


While I didn’t love this book, it’s cover is definitely gaze worthy.

13. Tell the Wind and Fire


This took place in alternate New York so I love seeing that bridge all lit up behind the title. I love Brennan’s work and will continue to read anything she puts out.

12. The Creeping


This is a YA thriller that I loved. The scene is CREEPING on you. haha… ok not my best work. But really, it’s a cool use of color and the woodsy scene.

11. The Grisha Trilogy


I love the palace on the cover. I saw an article about how the artist came up with the idea. It’s pretty cool. And I’m glad that this design stuck.

10.Six of Crows


I mean the castle with the crow’s wing.. I just can’t not love this. How does Bardugo get such awesome cover designers and other authors get crappy ones. IDK.

9. Snow Like Ashes


I love how you can see Winter and Summer through the chakram. The cover was part of what made me pick this up actually.

Ok next are the shameless covers. These are still in my favorite colors.

8. The Bone Witch



7. Down with the Shine


Teal and Glitter? Why yes I’ll have some of that.

6. The First Time She Drowned


The teal and the water scene. I mean how could I not love this book cover?

5. Full Tilt/All In

I’ve always loved the blurred bubble technique. I think it’s called bokeh. Yep your picture always win with this.

4. The Right Side of Wrong


Pink that fades to orange? Check. AWESOME fonts? check. Ready for check out.

3. Tonight the Streets are Ours


The purple fading to pink made these so beautiful. And the hand holding friends are a little something extra. I have a thing about pics of hand holding. Don’t know where that came from.

2. All We Have Is Now


Purple to pink to orange. The trifecta. Too bad I didn’t care for the book. But the cover… Is worthy of some praise.

1. The Problem with Forever


So I love love watercolor designs. I wanted to love this book so much and I just…. I just hated it. I can’t lie. It was so awful. But that cover.. *swoons*

Well this has been my favorite covers of 2016. Comment down below and let me know some of your favorites. I hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Teal Aqua Blue Purple Watercolor Paper Colorful Texture Background



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