The Top Books I Wish I’d Made Time for This Year

Merry Christmas book friends!! I hope the christmas spirit is alive and well at your home. Today is the start of Top 16 of 2016. We know how much I love lists. So what better way to talk about this year’s reading that a bunch of lists!! Jumps up and down Ok calm again. Today’s topic is “The top 16 books I wish I’d made time for in 2016” That topic was a bit too broad for me so I decided to tighten it up to series I wish I’d continued with/finished in 2016. They are in no particular order this time.

1. The Anna and the French Kiss series

I read Anna and the French Kiss Earlier this year and had some opposite feelings going on. On one hand Perkins’ writing was dreamy. It totally made me all swoony and happy. I couldn’t read this fast enough. But on the other hand … I was not at all down with this plot of cheating. It was totally romanticized and all “No it’s ok because only YOU are my true love.” Not to be a hater but…There is no such thing. We choose to love. You have to because dreamy love fades. Instead you wake up and say “I love you, and I WILL love you.” You will love multiple people in your life. And cheating just isn’t justified. However I want to try the other books in the series because they have different plots. Hopefully the same swoony writing.


2. The Boy is Back by Meg Cabot

I’ve read the other three books in Cabot’s Boy series. They are funny, heartwarming, and like a fun outing with my bestie. They are chick lit so they aren’t like the BEST books. But like I said, they make me feel like life is breezy instead of full steam ahead.


3. The Defy trilogy by Sara B. Larson

I read defy over two years ago. I own Ignite and haven’t touched it yet. This is sad because I really enjoyed Defy. I need to pick up these last two ASAP


4. The Legacy of Kings trilogy by Eleanor Herman

I read the first book, Legacy of Kings, this spring. The second novel and two novellas came out this fall. I really wanted to tackle these books and I just lost time. But I will get to them!


5. The Winner’s trilogy by Marie Rutkoski

I’ve been reading these every year when they come out. But I was hesitant to pick up the newest one, Winter’s Curse. I realized the other day it’s because I’ve been afraid of how the story will end. In the last book Arin was being stupid, and I just didn’t want this book to be all angsty and easily fixed with some communication. I am going to read it though. Cross my heart.


6. Rat Queens graphic novels

This was probably my favorite graphic I picked up this year. It was full of confident women fighting injustice and also just being women. I loved it so hard. I’ve read 1 & 2. I need to get on it and read the rest.


7. Saga graphic novels

In case you don’t read graphic novels or live under a rock, Brian K. Vaughn is the shiz. This space fighting series is about two people from opposite side of a large scale war make peace and a baby. Then they are hunted across the galaxies for this treasonous union. Its funny and totally relatable. Even if you don’t have horns or wings.


8. Shadowfalls series and spinoff

I was addicted to this series for a while in college. There was this big love triangle and I was pulling for a certain guy hardcore. Then the 5th book came out here’s what had happened. I go to the store all excited because this is the last book in the series. (Or so I thought) and Kylie would have to choose who she loved. I pick up the book and on a whim turn to the last page. Kylie did NOT pick who I wanted her to. I got so made I bought something else. I didn’t buy this novel until a year and a half later when a spinoff series started being released. Now I have to reread the original series, then read the 5th book, then the 5 books in the spinoff!! Yeah that’s alot… But one day. One day I will.


9. My Life Next Door novels by Huntley Fitzpatrick

My bestie and I buddy read the first book in this series and I couldn’t get enough. I really wanted to make time for the two companion novels. Especially because the third one features the family from book one. And I LOVED the little brother George in book one. He was a secondary character but he was hilarious.


10. Bloodlines series

I read the Vampire Academy novels as they came out. Like the day they were released I was at the store. But for some reason Bloodlines didn’t appeal to me when it came out. Later I started collecting the series. I do plan on getting to it. I mean the main character has my name. How can I not read it?


11. Inuyasha manga

I love love Inuyasha and Kagome. And this story line is so intriguing! I need the next few mega volumes now! 


12. Chew graphic novels

I read chew volumes 1-11 this year. Yep I devoured this. There is one more out and I cannot believe I haven’t read it yet. It would give me a completed series. Sigh


13. Sailor Moon Manga

I feel like I missed out on an importany part of childhood by not watching the anime until adulthood. But I’m making up for it now and reading the manga as well!.


14. The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and Lady Midnight by Casandra Clare

Ok Let the hating begin. I’m still on book 5 of TMI. I wasn’t bored at 5. It was just that I’d binged 2-5 and needed a tiny break. Well that tiny break turned into a LARGE break. Yeah… and the thing is I wanted to read these but they are so daunting. Especially grouped together.


15. The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

I read book one in this series. I’m not exactly sure what took me so dang long to read this book. But I loved it so much I bought it, and the sequels. But sadly they aren’t here yet so I can’t finish this series!! WHHY?!?!?


16. Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo

This was my first time in the grisha world, and what inspired me to read the above series. This was my bookclub’s October pick and I was hesitant at first but man. I love loved it. But I couldn’t get my hands on Crooked Kingdom. That’s ok I’ll just buy them for christmas. Hee Hee. I can’t put my feels into words for this book. I wouldn’t just make a giant mess and then had work to do. So I’m just gonna say please read this! Today. Stop what you’re doing and go out and pick it up.



Well those are 16 series I wish I’d made time for. Don’t worry they will be read. Comment down below and let me know a series you wish you’d made time for this year. I hope y’all are having a good day.

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4 thoughts on “The Top Books I Wish I’d Made Time for This Year

  1. kimberlyfaye says:

    I am THE WORST at not finishing series… especially if there’s a long amount of time between installments. Stephanie Perkins’ series is one of my all time favorite YA contemporaries. The cheating was a bit off-putting but it was worth soldiering through to get to the good stuff. And the rest of the series is just as great. I loved them all! The Winner’s Trilogy series is one I will binge. One of these days. I love the Fitzpatrick books, each in their own way. I actually enjoyed Bloodlines more than VA. (Adrian. *swoon*) I still need to read the final book in the series though.

    Thanks for playing along!


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