Glorious Graphics Review

Today I’m going to be talking about the graphics I’ve read lately and give you guys a mini review of each.


I read Giant Days volume 1. This is just a comic about girls that are friends and making their way through the trials of college. It focuses on their emotions and adventures equally. I loved every page. And the art was engaging! 5/5 Stars.18775119

This is the story of a doctor and a serial killer. There is someone going around killing childless families. The skilled doctor knows who but doesn’t know why. He feels like he must protect the killer’s sister at all cost. Can he solve these crimes or is he doomed to always wonder. I enjoyed this manga but didn’t love it. Knowing who the killer is ahead of time was kind of boring. I mean I want to know why this guy is killing people but I don’t know if there is enough curiosity to get me to read volume 2. Just saying. 3/5 Stars


Then I finished off with volumes 2 & 3 of Saga. We see how the grandparents interact with Marko, Alana and their newborn Hazel. We watch them scramble from their bounty hunters and even fight for their right to love each other. The new characters were a nice twist. I especially love how Alana treats and talks about her daughter. She isn’t going to let ANYONE come between them and she takes her role as a mother very serious! Marko and Alana probably get parents of the year for me. Putting it out there. I did have one tiny problem when the grandmother and their mentor (?) were talking about Hazel getting a job instead of falling into a life of housework and lounging. Being a mom or housewife IS a job. Yes someone needs to provide but they singled out Alana instead of directing it at both partners. Yes one or both need a job, but to belittle Alana’s domestic activities just rubbed me wrong.  4.5/5 Stars

Let me know if you’ve read any of these comics or if you read graphic novels at all. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

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