The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Tag

This has nothing to do with books and everything to do with my die hard love of Gilmore Girls. The tag was created by Simply Abby. I saw my  friend Alyssa at PucksandPaperbacks do this so I had to! Here we go!


Basic Questions

How did you discover the show? I have been watching the show since episode one or two. Back when the CW was called the WB. My mom and I had a rule that we couldn’t watch a new episode without the other one. I still remember where I was when Rory and Jess got together. And I remember my mom crying when Rory graduated college because her baby was also graduating and going to be far away.

Do you own the collection? YES! In college (before Netflix) I brought all my DVDs with me. And I would watch different shows for different moods. My family and friends knew I was watching Gilmore Girls when life was at death con 10. Only GG can bring you back from that.

Favorite Season? Hands down three. I was obsessed with Jess in 7th and 8th grade.

Least Favorite Season? Probably 7. BECAUSE, Amy Sherman Pallidino has confessed that she was upset about not having a guarenteed 7th season. So she purposefully wrote the end of six to mess up all the character’s lives. That way she could hand it over to the new directers and say “Tough Crap” then walk out the door. My My she did a good job. Season 7 is sooo messy!

Favorite Episode? Friday Nights are Alright for Fights. This is in season six. The back and forth between Emily, Richard, Lorelai, and Rory always makes me laugh. They are fighting then giggling, then yelling then hugging. Its great.

If you could have dinner with any cast member, who would it be, and what kind of questions would you ask them?
How do you want it to end?

Luke’s Diner Lightning Round

Favorite Character? I have 2. Outside of the main 2, my favorite townee is Babette. Cat lady! My favorite out of town-er is Paris. I’m obsessed with her.

Least Favorite Character? There are a few that I hated their development. Like they started out great then went downhill. But characters I just hated : Mr. Huntzberger, Tristen, and Anna Nardini

Dave or Zack? Dave. I was so mad when he left the show that I refused to watch the O.C. in highschool. HAHA

Luke or Christopher? Luke. Christopher and Lorelai had their chance in season 2 and everything after that where they were romantically involved was not ok. But Luke is #goals.

Dean or Jess? Jess. Not just because my middle school heart loved him. But as time went on his character went up. Now he’s a nice guy. Dean went the opposite direction.

Lorelai or Rory? You can’t ask that. My mom and I ARE Rory and Lorelai except her personality is Rory’s and I’m Lorelai. so I’m not choosing. :p


Do you think Lorelai over reactions with her parents? Nope. Its her life and her story. She acts childish IMO once or twice but the rest is totally called for.

Do you think Emily & Richard over-reacts with Lorelai? Yes. Emily for a while just couldn’t get past that Lorelai wanted to make her own mistakes and choices. She was cold and distant which was akin to emotional abuse.

In the big fight that Rory and Lorelei had, who’s side were you on? Which big fight? The one at the end of season 4 I was mixed. I was mostly mad at Dean and thought the L&R fight could have been solved with communication. The fight at the end of season 5 I was on Lorelai’s side only because her parents said one thing then switched. Rory may have needed time off but I thought her actions that led to the time off were VERY out of character for her. BUT I’ll say every time I watch their reunion I cry.

In a fight between Taylor and Mrs. Kim who would win? Mrs. Kim. I’m terrified of her. haha

Who would spread the fastest rumor Babette or Miss Patty? Miss Patty because she is always at the dance studio talking to the people that walk by. Where as Babette is sometimes at home.

How much do you dislike April? I hate that she was created to purposefully break up Lorelai and Luke. And I hate that she was basically Rory. Luke already has a Rory, give April her own personality.  I also thought it was out of character for Luke to have an child to begin with and then to lie about it. Just not my luke.

Revival Round

How excited for the revival are you? Let’s just say I told my mom, who now lives 14 hrs away that she isn’t allowed to watch it unless we are on facetime together. 🙂 ❤

If you could have dinner with any cast member, who would it be, and what kind of questions would you ask them? Either Lauren Graham or Liza Weil. I’d ask them about life after Gilmore Girls. The cast being family like. What were their favorite scenes to film. Did they take anything of their character’s with them or start acting like their characters. I’d ask them where they see their character in 10 years.

How do you want it to end? Rory either single or with Jess. And either way she (and possibly Jess) are headed out to find adventures to write about. Lorelai and Luke are happy with each other and married.They see April regularly and Lorelai loves her.  Kirk and Lulu are married with a tiny Kirk who is equally as awkward. Emily has accepted Richard’s death but downsized her house. Maybe she begins traveling or the opposite, she moves to stars hollow and lives a quiet life. Lane’s band is famous and her kids are precious to her. She makes them go to bible school and have dinners with Mrs. Kim. Paris and Doyle are either together and engaged or if they are broken up then Paris is a bigwig journalist or whatever. She has started yoga but does it competitively. The last scene mimics the first scene ever premiered or another vital scene from the first season.


These are all my thoughts feels and opinions about Gilmore Girls. Comment down below if you wanna chat about my answers or your opinions.


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