Reading Beverages

I thought I would talk today about drinking while reading. No, not DRINKING. But the actual beverages people lean towards drinking when reading a good book. I know that some people are totally against eating or drinking anything while reading a book. Spills are one of their worst nightmares so its a no go on anything liquid. Because no matter what form of book you use, there is a way to damage said book with drinks of any kind. That being said, if you do drink while reading, you are most  likely drinking tea or coffee.

I’m a coffee addict. Think Lorelai on Gilmore Girls. “Can’t stop drinking the coffee. If I stop drinking the coffee I stop the walking, talking, and words putting into sentence doing.” Yes this is my life. Personally I take it with just flavored creamer. If I add sugar its a tiny bit b/c the creamer is already sugared. My favorite is peppermint mint, found more easily at Christmastime. I am blessed to have a Keurig so I can make one cup at a time and not be wasteful. My favorite brand is Gevalia. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t turn down starbucks. But when it comes to making my own, I prefer this Scandanavian company’s coffee the best! I usually get a medium roast.

I’ve recently started drinking Chai tea. I like it with milk, hot or cold Its so good to have a copy of tea and my book. Tea is a new investment for me though. I’m not a fan of green tea or any herbal with citrus in it. I know some people who are all about their tea. In many countries it’s a staple beverage to your meal or even. But I guess I’m a newbie. I do have a strainer for the fancy ones. Those were pretty fun to make and drink. Tea can pack a punch with caffine the same way coffee can depending on if your tea is black or not. One time I drank 3 cups of English Breakfast tea in succession and got jittery. I’m definitely coming around to this drink tea with everything idea.

I especially love drinking tea or coffee in my cute coffee mugs. I think I mentioned that I collect mugs. Most are on display but I have 3 or 4 that I keep in my cabinet. I have 2 with cats on them that say “I ❤ my cat.” I have a purple one that says “I’m 99% sure I’m a disney princess.” And my most used mug was made by my almost sister-in-law. It says,”I’m secretly a mermaid.” I love mugs! They go well with any photo and make me feel put together when reading. I know that’s odd but they are part of my happy place.

I guess I decided to post this because I’m just curious what you guys drink while you read. Do you have any tea recommendations for me? Or if you drink coffee, what is your favorite brand? I hope you’re having a great day! See you in the comments.

Teal Aqua Blue Purple Watercolor Paper Colorful Texture Background
Teal Aqua Blue Purple Watercolor Paper Colorful Texture Background

4 thoughts on “Reading Beverages

  1. ashley says:

    I drink tea when I’m reading. I have four to go mugs and I’ll put tea in one of those if I’m going to be drinking tea while reading, it reduces the chance of spillage.


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